Family Fun in Yamanashi!

Your free curated guide for Expats living in the Tokyo Area in Japan and families traveling to Japan. Yamanashi is a great get away from Tokyo with plenty of fun for the family.

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Laugh, Learn & Live! Enjoy Yamanashi with your family and kids.

Yamanashi Science Museum

Yamanashi with Kids - Best Living Japan

The Yamanashi Prefectural Science Center (山梨県立科学館) is a great spot to spend a couple hours. It’s connected to Yamanashi’s Kodomo no Kuni, has up to 200 free parking spaces and is a short 30 min drive to the Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art and the Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Literature. …

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Mikyou Yamanashi – Wine Beef

Mikyou Beef Yamanashi store

Mikyou Yamanashi Wine Beef is highly rated beef in Yamanashi. It comes from cattle fed Yamanashi Grape Pomace. Pomace is the solid remains of grapes, olives, or other fruit after pressing it for juice or oil. It contains the skins, pulp, seeds, and stems of the fruit. The meat is …

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Kabutoyama Nagashi Somen, Yamanashi

Kabutoyama Nagashi Somen bamboo

Eating Nagashi Somen is a summer tradition in Japan, and it’s often seen at festivals or in restaurants. What is Somen (素麺)? Somen are very thin, white noodles made from wheat flour usually served cold and accompanied by tsuyu or a dipping sauce made from soysauce and dashi. What is Nagashi Somen …

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Cherry Picking at the Horiuchi Garden in Yamanashi, Japan

Cherry Picking

Yamanashi Prefecture, home to Mount Fuji, is a beautiful area to camp and take in the fresh mountain air, soak in natural onsens, sip on the area wine and go fruit picking. We stayed in the Koshu area about an hour and a half drive from Tokyo (about an hour from Fujikawaguchiko) …

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Atagoyama Kodomo no kuni (Children’s Land)

Kodomo no Kuni Yamanashi Japan

Atagoyama Kodomo no kuni (Children’s Land) in Yamanashi is a fantastic, free spot to take your kids. We happened to go during a Yamanashi Schools’ Sports Day weekend so we had the entire park to ourselves! Atagoyama Kodomo no kuni (Children’s Land) is divided into many areas; the Freedom Square, …

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Thomas Land at Fuji-Q Highland, Yamanashi


Thomas Land is one of our favorite theme parks for young kids on our list of TOP Theme Parks in Japan. Thomas Land, in Yamanashi, Japan, is the world’s first Thomas & Friends Theme Park. Located a 1.5 hour drive from central Tokyo, and within the Fuji-Q Highland Theme Park, it`s a great …

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