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Tokyo Supermarket Grocery Delivery

I love online grocery delivery in Japan — it`s fast and convenient, but sometimes I`m not too happy with the delivery; the lack of crispness in my greens, my fruits being too ripe, and the very short expiration date on my dairy products–okay, so I`m a little picky when it comes …

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Tokyu Store Kids Floor Kichijoji

The 6th floor of the Tokyu Department Store in Kichijoji carries high end infant and childrens` clothing American, European and Japanese designers, shoes, uniforms and toys. It includes a spacious play area and houses La Glacerie, a parent & child restaurant created by the Japanese childrens` brand Miki House. Tokyu Store in Kichijoji …

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Isetan 6F, Shinjuku

Isetan Shinjuku`s 6th Fl houses maternity, newborn and children`s wear, including books, schools bags, shoes, desk and a haven of toys and fun. Isetan is one of the best merchandised department stores in Japan carry top Japanese and import brands for children, ladies and men. If you want to see …

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Takashimaya 9F, Shinjuku

Takashimaya in Shinjuku spares no expense when it comes to appearance or customer satisfaction and service. Visit the 9th floor for foreign and Japanese high-end brand maternity, newborn and children`s wear. They also house the Disney Store, the Takashimaya Kids Club and Zusso, a great place to get your kids hair …

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Hawaii Water Home Delivery in Japan

After the March 11th earthquake and tsunami destroyed the Fukushima Nuclear plant, many mothers were concerned over the safety of giving tap water to their babies and children. As an alternative, some mothers purchased bottled water from Hawaii. It`s 100% natural, pure enough to be given to infants and babies, and …

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Oisix: Radiation Tested Organic Food

After the March 11th earthquake, I was concerned with where food was being sourced, especially since most grocery stores were carrying produce and meat from Fukushima. My Japanese friend recommended Oisix, a Natural & Organic online grocer in Japan offering robust radiation testing on food from affected areas. I especially liked the “baby …

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