Seibo Hospital Delivery Fee and Dr. Sakamoto`s Delivery Fee

This is my post delivery review of Seibo Hospital. I also list Dr. Sakamoto`s delivery fees for my Jan 2011 Delivery below. Hospital Pros: Nice facilities Super friendly staff Choice of Japanese or Western meals (typical hospital food). They allow one family member room-in for an extra charge. You have …

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Tokyo health care: the essentials

I was asked by a number of readers who liked My Sanno Hospital Experience post about Tokyo healthcare and which international provider I was with. I`d like to introduce to you a guest post from Bupa International, my international health provider. If you’re living in Japan or planning to move here at …

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Tokyo Supermarket Grocery Delivery

I love online grocery delivery in Japan — it`s fast and convenient, but sometimes I`m not too happy with the delivery; the lack of crispness in my greens, my fruits being too ripe, and the very short expiration date on my dairy products–okay, so I`m a little picky when it comes …

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How to Survive Hay Fever / Pollen Season in Japan

Living in Japan for a few years now we`ve never experienced allergies – until recently. If you`re suffering from excessive sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose or a scratchy throat you might be experiencing an allergy from the pollen of the Japanese cedar, or sugi tree – or as the Japanese would say …

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