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Top Five Ways to Protect Baby this Summer

Summer in Japan is hot and humid, but it brings plenty of opportunity for kids to go out and enjoy themselves. Here are our top five ways to protect baby this summer from bugs, heat, UV and dehydration. While kids take advantage of school vacations and longer day light hours, …

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The 10 Best Gifts From Japan For Babies And Toddlers

10 Best Gifts From Japan For Babies And Toddlers. Holiday season nearly always means travel. Whether you’re traveling to catch up with friends and family or heading home after your Japan adventure, you probably have a souvenir list that needs to be completed. The 10 Best Gifts From Japan For Babies …

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Japan Mosquito Repellent and Aid – Mosquitos Are Here!

Saw my first mosquito today, so time to stock up on Japan mosquito repellent and aid products!! All this rain and warmer weather are going to equal a heavy mosquito season in Japan. Usually, in Japan mosquitos start to hatch and bite starting in April and are active through the …

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Guide to Baby Formula in Japan – Brands, Types and Where to Buy

Guide to Baby Formula in Japan – There is a dizzying colorful assortment of baby formula available on the Japanese market. This guide will help you navigate the aisles by introducing the various types of baby formula and their manufacturers. Packaging You may be surprised to find out that concentrated liquid …

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Sakana Bacca (Nakameguro, Tokyo) – Fresh Seafood Store

Sakana Bacca Nakameguro

Sakana Bacca (サカナ バッカ) is a retailer that deals with seafood delivered directly from fishermen and the Tsukiji fish market. The Nakameguro branch sells a wide variety of fresh seasonal fish that you can`t find at your local supermarket, sashimi, seasonings and cooking utensils from all over Japan. They even have tuna-cutting …

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Guide to Nursing Pads in Japan – Brands, Types and Where to Buy

Guide to Nursing Pads in Japan – Brands, Types and Where to Buy Nursing pads are an essential item when breastfeeding. They can provide comfort and discretion by preventing leaks and keeping your skin and clothing dry. While many of the best-selling nursing pads are praised for their absorption, nursing …

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10 Day Trip Outlets

Greater Tokyo Area Outlet Centers - 10 Day Trip Outlets

If you need to stock-up for your new apartment or a new seasonal wardrobe for you or the kids, there are 10 greater Tokyo area outlet centers. Japanese outlets usually offer a 30-50% discount off of department store prices – although most of the product is made specifically for outlets …

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Japan Slime – Where to Buy and How to Make

Japan Slime - Where to Buy and How to Make

Curious and creative Japan families if you have young kids most likely they are obsessed with slime, so here is our Japan slime info based on month so searching where to buy and how to make with Japan-sourced materials. Rainy days are great slime making days, so buy some of …

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d47 Design Travel Store (Shibuya, Tokyo)

d47 Design Travel Store is a beautiful store to view and shop Japanese crafts and food from the 47 prefectures of Japan. The selection has been beautifully curated and displayed to represent the best of Japan.  It is centrally located in the Shibuya Hikari building’s 8th floor, which also has …

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Pokemon Game Center & Store (Yokohama)

*** 2019 UPDATE: The Pokemon Center Mega moved to the 8th Floor in the Marui next to Sogo at Yokohama Station.*** If your child is a Pokemon fan we recommend a quick trip to Landmark Tower in Yokohama. Although the store is a smaller version of the Pokemon Center Mega …

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10 Best Baby And Toddler Items For 100 Yen

10 Best Baby And Toddler Items For 100 Yen When you have little ones, it’s strange how things just seem to disappear!  Sure, you can get baby and toddler goods online or at retailers like Akachan Honpo, but not to be overlooked is the 100 yen shop. Japan’s 100 yen …

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Tokyo One Day Itinerary Kappabashi

Kappabashi is a cook`s paradise. Kappabashi street is lined with shops selling all manner of tools and equipment for kitchens, from knives to Japanese pottery, kitchenware, baking goods and party supplies. Highly recommend a visit during the week when less crowded. Ample parking and easily accessible by train. Here is …

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