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Ameyokocho (Ueno, Tokyo) – Tokyo Deal Shopping

If you are a bargain shopper, Ameyokocho is a must visit in Tokyo. We visited yesterday, and it was crazy busy with shoppers negotiating deals on crab, tuna, sneakers and bags. My favorite items to buy in Ameyokocho are nuts, dried beans and spices that are much cheaper than in …

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Cuoca (Jiyugaoka, Tokyo) – Tokyo Baking Enthusiasts Dream Shop

Cuoca is a one-stop shop for baking supplies that aren’t always easy to find. Their stores are stocked high with everything from baking inserts and pans to sprinkles and toppers. They carry pastry tips and icing for making more detailed desserts, a variety of high-quality flours, nuts, dried fruits, liqueur …

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Top Ten Gift From Japan

Top Gifts from Japan

Here are our top 10 gifts from Japan to give your friends and family. Although I love Japanese senbei (rice crackers), wagashi (Japanese sweets), Matcha and Origami I know my family and friends do not want to receive those items for their holiday gifts anymore. The gifts below are all …

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Takumi Craft Store, Ginza – 80 years of history!

I have been a customer of Takumi craft store (たくみ)for over 25 years! Seemed like a long time, but when I recently went in to visit and asked how long they have been in business the answer was 80 years. Takumi may be the longest surviving Japanese craft store in …

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domodomo Japan – Cool Iconic Japan T-Shirts

Tokyo Tshirts

domodomo Japan has launched a line of iconic graphic t-shirts & bags that show what we as moms love about Japan. domodomo is an exclusive collaborative between Best Living Japan and graphic designer Ilana Dashe. No more tacky t-shirts & bags from Japan – these make great gifts for family …

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Rin 8890, Akihabara

Rin 8890 is one of my favourite Japanese craft boutiques in Tokyo. If you are looking for utilitarian items with great style, this is a one-stop store. Although the store’s space is small, you are sure to find something that you “must” have. Rin 8890 Best Living Japan. Rin, also, …

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Tenpos Buster – A Cooks Budget Paradise

Tenpos Buster (テンポスバスターズ)

We are busy building the new Best Living Japan Studio (Minami Azabu) which will be a professional cooking and seminar space for the Best Living Japan courses starting in January 2018. Our kitchen project lead us to Tenpos Buster (テンポスバスターズ) which is a cooks budget paradise.  Tenpos Buster sells dishes and glassware, pots …

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Discover Shimokitazawa – a charming coffee filled Tokyo neighbourhood

NEM Coffee, Hiroo

Have you discovered Shimokitazawa in Tokyo? Shimokitazawa is a charming coffee filled Tokyo neighbourhood! Discover Shimokitazawa Like its location just outside the Yamanote line circle, Shimokitazawa tends to fall just out of the view of international residents living in central Tokyo. Yet the neighborhood, which is just 7 minutes from Shinjuku …

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Looking for Tokyo English speaking dentists for an emergency, preventive care or orthodontics? I have curated the following list of dentists and orthodontists to make the search must easier for you. * I have also noted if JNHI (Japan National Health Insurance) is accepted or not). Also, if you have other …

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Top English Speaking Tokyo Dermatologists

English Speaking Tokyo Dermatologists

If you are looking for an top Tokyo English speaking Tokyo dermatologists here is a list of seven Drs. that many of my Tokyo Expat friends have recommended.  Cancer skin checks, acne or cosmetic treatments most of the dermatologists are one stop clinics.  Choosing a doctor is a personal decision …

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Prime Wardrobe Japan – Try Before You Buy

Avoid the long lines at the department store fitting room and cashier, out of stock sizes and colors, kids tantrums, etc with Prime Wardrobe Japan. Prime Wardrobe is a Prime-exclusive program where you can try before you buy “at home”. HOW IT WORKS Fill your Prime Wardrobe Cart with 3 or more …

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Tsutaya Electrics Futakotamagawa – An Art and Technology Store

Tsutaya Electrics

Tsutaya Electrics in Futakotamagawa is my favorite place to sit back, relax and enjoy a good book with or without the kids while browsing their art, appliances, and home space. Located near the creative DIY Factory where you can learn, make, buy DIY products; the 100 Spoons Family Restaurant, Futakotamaga Park, Japanese …

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Volunteer in Japan – Great Charities to Support

Japan Charities to Support

So much unrest and need in the world that one can not sit by and watch – Volunteer in Japan. Get involved! I was at an event the other day, and the volunteer speaker said that “Children raised in a house with volunteering activities become givers and volunteers”.  Teach your …

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Top 10+ Tokyo Shops for Japanese Gifts

Sharing our top 10+ Tokyo shops for Japanese gifts! If you are looking for that something special for friends in town or overseas? Some of my favourite gifts to bring overseas are hanging fabrics (tengui), calendars, chopsticks, items made from metal or washi paper. Local gift favorites are pottery, glass and …

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Loving this Japan Product – Nurie

I picked-up the TokyoTokio version of the Nurie colouring poster recently. Loving this product – Nurie!  I have decided to award this Nurie poster series a BestLivingJapan Great Product Award. This award will go to products that are both are both curious and creative! Another super fun Japanese kids gift is …

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Japanese Gifts for Baby – 0-9 months

Great Japanese Gifts for Babies 0-9 Months

As moms of six kids, we often get asked about great gifts for Baby. Zero to nine-month babies are typically non-mobile but are highly stimulated by high-contrast colours, sound and motion. Also by nine months many become solid sitters and crawlers. You do not need to invest in a lot …

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Kayanoya Dashi & Seasonings Shop – Locations throughout Japan

Kayanoya dashi is my favorite instant dashi to cook with. Kayanoya specializes in offering carefully prepared, authentic seasonings and foods to make delicious dishes with the minimum of fuss. All are made without any artificial flavors or preservatives, and a super easy to use. Kayanoya Stores are located throughout Japan and …

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Where to Buy a Christmas Tree in Japan 2017

Wondering where to buy a Christmas Tree in Japan? Many people have asked recently about where to find a Christmas tree in Japan. First, you need to determine if you want a real tree or an artificial tree. There are pros and cons to both! Real trees smell amazing but …

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