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Best Tokyo Arts and Crafts Supply Stores

If you are looking for art supplies for a school project, new crafting passion or a Halloween costume here is a short list of the best Tokyo arts and crafts supply stores.  I have listed up a few places that are my go to locations in Tokyo; many of these also …

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10 Day Trip Outlets

Greater Tokyo Area Outlet Centers - 10 Day Trip Outlets

If you need to stock-up for your new apartment or a new seasonal wardrobe for you or the kids, there are 10 greater Tokyo area outlet centers. Japanese outlets usually offer a 30-50% discount off of department store prices – although most of the product is made specifically for outlets …

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Top Japanese Cleaning Products

Must Have Top 10 Japanese Cleaning Products

Shopping in a Japanse supermarket can be overwhelming, but navigating the cleaning aisle can be a search in dispiriting. Don’t struggle any longer. I have probably tested every cleaning product in Japan and here is my recommend Must Have Top 10 Japanese Cleaning Products. If you miss your favourite home …

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Tokyo One Day Itinerary Kappabashi

Kappabashi is a cook`s paradise. Kappabashi street is lined with shops selling all manner of tools and equipment for kitchens, from knives to Japanese pottery, kitchenware, baking goods and party supplies. Highly recommend a visit during the week when less crowded. Ample parking and easily accessible by train. Here is …

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Wise Wise Tools (Roppongi Midtown, Tokyo)

Wise Wise Tools tea pots

Without fail, I have found beautiful “made in Japan” gifts at Wise Wise Tools in Roppongi Midtown. Although their assortment is not wide vs. other Japanese art and craft stores, the merchandisers have selected an amazing variety of home utilitarian items, decor, toys, and wear. A large percentage of the …

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Living Motif (Roppongi, Tokyo) – Beautiful Interior Decor

Living Motif Roppongi Tokyo, Japanese Sake Cups

If you are in search of a great gift for someone special or just to treat yourself drop into Living Motif!  We originally wrote this post for Father’s Day, but it is still relevant if you love interior design and accessories. Living Motif has the most amazing selection of design …

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Fukubukuro Lucky Bags in Japan – 10 Tips for Smooth Shopping

Fukubukuro Lucky Bags in Japan – 10 Tips for Smooth Shopping What are Fukubukuro? Since its inception in the early 20th century, fukubukuro have become synonymous with New Year’s in Japan. Originally intended as a means for shops to sell off excess inventory, these lucky bags typically contain merchandise sold …

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10 Baby Proofing Items You Need In Your Japanese Home

10 Baby Proofing Items You Need In Your Japanese Home We love to watch our babies grow and explore their surroundings, but we don’t often realize what’s dangerous until they’ve gotten their little hands and months on something! Baby proofing items are called itazura boushi guzzu (イタズラ防止グッズ) and you can …

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Guide to Rice Cookers in Japan

Guide to Rice Cookers in Japan Rice is the staple of the Japanese diet and there’s no shortage of rice cookers (炊飯器 | すいはんき | suihanki) on the market that aim to make modern-day cooking as efficient as possible. This guide will walk you through the basic functions of a …

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Guide to Point Cards in Japan – How to Earn and Redeem Points

Guide to Point Cards in Japan - How to Earn and Redeem Points

Guide to Point Cards in Japan – How to Earn and Redeem Points Go shopping anywhere in Japan, and you’re bound to be asked: Do you have a point card? (ポイントカードはお持ちですか?/ぽいんとかーどはおもちですか?/pointo ka-do wa omochi desu ka?) You might think that point cards take up valuable real estate in your wallet. But, …

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Guide to Making Obento – Supplies, Tips and Where to Purchase

Obento making is a daily occurrence in homes with children who attend Japanese yochien. We spoke to veteran obento making moms and these are their recommended obento making items. Many can be found at Toys R Us Japan, department stores like Aeon Style or on Amazon Japan. We have highlighted Amazon products below which …

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Tenpos Buster (テンポスバスターズ) – A Cooks Budget Paradise

Tenpos Buster (テンポスバスターズ)

We are busy building the new Best Living Japan Studio (Minami Azabu) which will be a professional cooking and seminar space for the Best Living Japan courses starting in January 2018. Our kitchen project lead us to Tenpos Buster (テンポスバスターズ) which is a cooks budget paradise.  Tenpos Buster sells dishes and glassware, pots …

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