Top 10+ Tokyo Shops for Japanese Gifts

We are sharing our top 10+ Tokyo shops for Japanese gifts! If you are looking for something special for friends in town or overseas? Some of my favorite gifts to bring abroad are hanging fabrics (tengui), calendars, chopsticks, items made from metal, or washi paper. Local gift favorites are pottery, …

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Japanese Gifts for Baby – 0-9 months

Great Japanese Gifts for Babies 0-9 Months

As moms of six kids, we often get asked about great gifts for Baby. Zero to nine-month babies are typically non-mobile but are highly stimulated by high-contrast colours, sound and motion. Also by nine months many become solid sitters and crawlers. You do not need to invest in a lot …

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Loving this Japan Product – Nurie

I picked-up the TokyoTokio version of the Nurie colouring poster recently. Loving this product – Nurie!  I have decided to award this Nurie poster series a BestLivingJapan Great Product Award. This award will go to products that are both are both curious and creative! Another super fun Japanese kids gift is …

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10 Best Hand Creams for Winter in Japan – Living in Japan

Japanese winters are DRY which is really hard on hands big and small! Here are the Best Living Japan 10 Best Hand Creams for Winter in Japan recommendations.  We carry hand lotions scattered all over our house,  in all of our bags, strollers and car from November – March! Dropping …

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Top Japanese Cleaning Products

Must Have Top 10 Japanese Cleaning Products

Shopping in a Japanse supermarket can be overwhelming, but navigating the cleaning aisle can be a search in dispiriting. Don’t struggle any longer. I have probably tested every cleaning product in Japan and here is my recommend Must Have Top 10 Japanese Cleaning Products. If you miss your favourite home …

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Akachan Honpo – Tokyo Baby & Maternity Store – 100 Stores

Akachan Honpo - Tokyo Baby & Maternity Store

Akachan Honpo baby goods store offers one of the widest selection of pregnancy and baby items in Japan. You can find most Japanese and foreign baby gear brands across strollers, car seats, toys and feeding accessories. Although shopping online is awesome when one does not have time, a visit to …

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Common Illnesses and Terms Among Young Children in Japan

We`ve listed a few of the most common illnesses among young children in Japan; the Japanese pronunciation, English translation and ways to describe sickness / pain. Please keep this list handy when visiting your local Japanese clinic. If you have some to add please leave in the comment section below. Japanese …

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Must Have Top 10 Japanese Laundry Products.

Japanese laundry products

Tokyo is a clean city on the surface but the everyday pollution and fast pace of life can take a beating on your clothes, so here are our top Japanese laundry products to help you out. As a mom of four and a pet owner I highly recommend these Must …

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Reading Japanese Food Labels – Allergens and Tips

Tokyo Supermarket tour

Reading Japanese Food Labels – Allergens and Tips  A challenging part of life in Japan is navigating the supermarket aisles and deciphering the labels. You may be wondering how to recreate home dishes using ingredients available at your local grocer, or you may have special dietary restrictions or allergies. Food …

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TANKYODO Japanese Antiques, Minami Azabu,Tokyo

TANKYODO Japanese Antiques, Minami Azabu, Tokyo

TANKYODO Japanese Antique store is a little gem of a store located in Minami Azabu, Tokyo. We love this store so much we have added it to our favorite Japanese Antique Stores list. A bonus is that it is located in the same neighborhood as the Best Living Japan Studio so …

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Top Five Ways to Protect Baby this Summer

Summer in Japan is hot and humid, but it brings plenty of opportunity for kids to go out and enjoy themselves. Here are our top five ways to protect baby this summer from bugs, heat, UV and dehydration. While kids take advantage of school vacations and longer day light hours, …

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The 10 Best Gifts From Japan For Babies And Toddlers

10 Best Gifts From Japan For Babies And Toddlers. Holiday season nearly always means travel. Whether you’re traveling to catch up with friends and family or heading home after your Japan adventure, you probably have a souvenir list that needs to be completed. The 10 Best Gifts From Japan For Babies …

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