How to Hire a Helper in Japan

One of the most common conversations amongst busy moms and working parents is how to hire a helper. There is a lot to consider but here some info to help you out. The three most common options are; 1. hire a local service company to provide help, 2. sponsor a …

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Tokyo English Classes for Multi Cultural Kids

Looking for Tokyo English Classes for Multi Cultural Kids? If you are a parent educating your child in the Japanese School system supplementing English reading and writing at home can be a challenge. There are numerous English language schools in Japan so it`s not difficult to find the best English …

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Japanese Kindergarten Application and Interview Process

Education in Tokyo

Thinking about applying for Japanese Kindergarten? If so, now is the time to attend kindergarten open schools and apply! It is now application and interview season for private yochien (Japanese Kindergarten) for April 2020 entry.  Please note that most kindergartens release their application forms and relevant school information the first …

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Otsukimi Moon Viewing by Efrot Weiss – Cultural Insights

A sign that autumn has arrived is the celebration of Otsukimi or moon viewing. Although not as popular as cherry blossoms and fall foliage moon viewing is a popular seasonal activity to enjoy in September and early October. The best date for 2017 will be Wednesday, october 4th if the …

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Tokyo Churches, Temples & Synagogues – Feel at Home

Looking for English language Tokyo Churches, Temples & Synagogues?  There are many places of worship in the Tokyo area that say English is spoken, and foreigners are welcome. However, I have found to feel truly comfortable and part of the congregation the service needs to be delivered by a native speaker and the …

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10 Must Do Family Activities – Japan Autumn

Love the autumn in Japan so here our true and tested 10 Must Do Family Activities – Japan Autumn. Plan your September – November schedule to try to include as many of these as you can. I am sure you and your kids will not be disappointed. Bring on the …

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Must Have Top 10 Japanese Laundry Products.

Japanese laundry products

Tokyo is a clean city on the surface but the everyday pollution and fast pace of life can take a beating on your clothes, so here are our top Japanese laundry products to help you out. As a mom of four and a pet owner I highly recommend these Must …

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Quick Guide: Survival Restaurant Japanese for Families

Here is our quick Guide to Survival Restaurant Japanese for Families. Apprehensive about dining in a Japanese restaurant? No worries! Here are some useful phrases to use when dining out. *** Quick Guide: Survival Restaurant Japanese for Families *** When you walk into a restaurant you will be greeted with …

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English Emergency Support for Expats and Tourist in Japan

Here is a quick reference guide for English Emergency Support in Japan. I advise you print out this page and leave a copy on your refrigerator or family message board and in your wallet. Best to be prepared. Japan English Emergency Support from  Your Family’s Emergency Contact Numbers Your home phone …

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Reading Japanese Food Labels – Allergens and Tips

Tokyo Supermarket tour

Reading Japanese Food Labels – Allergens and Tips  A challenging part of life in Japan is navigating the supermarket aisles and deciphering the labels. You may be wondering how to recreate home dishes using ingredients available at your local grocer, or you may have special dietary restrictions or allergies. Food …

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Japan Carshare with ORIX – Car Rental by the Hour

ORIX carshare

Japan Carshare is an automated way to rent a vehicle by the hour. It`s great for customers who use a vehicle occasionally without the overhead costs of owning a car, and for those who want access to a different vehicle day to day. It is easy and affordable, and great for short …

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Tokyo International Pre-Schools – By Area

Tokyo International Pre-schools

Here is a comprehensive and updated (August 2016) list of Tokyo International Pre-schools by area.  There are over 40+ schools on this list so the best way to start your research is by neighbourhood and then review each schools website and social media links to learn a bit about the …

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How to Use a Japanese Electronic Toilet – Features & Function Guide

How to Use a Japanese Electronic Toilet Japanese electronic toilets, or washlets, are known for their functionality and space-age control panel, which can be intimidating to the uninitiated. And as they become the topic for visitors and residents alike, it’s safe to say that “toilets” are as synonymous with Japanese …

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Obon, Days For the Departed by Efrot Weiss – Cultural Insights

This Obon, Days For the Departed post was written by my good friend Efrot Weiss. She is a long-term resident of Japan, and intercultural trainer and coach. From August 8 – 16th, 2015 Japanese families will celebrate Obon. Learn & Live!  Obon, Days For the Departed by Efrot Weiss  The centuries-old …

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Top Five Ways to Protect Baby this Summer

Summer in Japan is hot and humid, but it brings plenty of opportunity for kids to go out and enjoy themselves. Here are our top five ways to protect baby this summer from bugs, heat, UV and dehydration. While kids take advantage of school vacations and longer day light hours, …

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Guide to Baby Formula in Japan – Brands, Types and Where to Buy

Guide to Baby Formula in Japan – There is a dizzying colorful assortment of baby formula available on the Japanese market. This guide will help you navigate the aisles by introducing the various types of baby formula and their manufacturers. (This post contains affiliate links. For more information, please read our …

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