Yumenoshima 2019 Halloween Pumpkin Month

Yumenoshima 2016 Halloween Pumpkin Month

The Yumenoshima 2019 Halloween Pumpkin Month celebration is on this year the pumpkins are huge. There will be over 100 ghost pumpkins from Hitachi Omiya City, Ibaraki prefecture that weigh 50 to 100 kilograms! You can visit the Yumenoshima Park and Botanical Gardens any time of the year but the …

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English Speaking Photographers in Tokyo

Looking for great English speaking photographers in Tokyo, Japan? Our first few years in Japan, we took our photos but as the number of children increased we decided the job was beyond us and have outsourced the annual ritual. I have used Kerry at Keyshots, but all of the photographers …

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Gazone Studio (Shinagawa, Tokyo) – 753 Portrait Photos

gazone studio

Gazone Studio is a small studio located in the Osaki New City building in Shinagawa. They offer services from maternity to family portraits, and ceremonial to business photos. They also specialize in product photos, travel, wedding photography and commemorative photos. We made an appointment to celebrate and capture our kid`s 753 …

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Typhoon Preparation in Japan – Easy Things To Do Today

As long-term residents of Japan we have lived through many typhoons. Here are our recommendations for Typhoon Preparation in Japan with many easy things you can do to prepare. What is a Typhoon? “A tropical cyclone is a generic term used by meteorologists to describe a rotating, organise system of …

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What is Sports Day? – October 12 Japan National Holiday

This weekend is a three-day holiday break due to Health and Sports Day (体育の日 Taiiku no hi), also known as Health-Sports Day or Sports Day on October 12. What is Sports Day? It is an annual national holiday in Japan celebrated the second Monday in October. Sports Day is a …

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Careco Carshare – Car Rental by the Hour


Careco car share makes renting a car easy. Careco, along with ORIX and Times Plus have locations throughout Japan and many in Tokyo. Unlike ORIX, Careco allows you to use the car for up to 6 hours without a distance charge, and customers can use their mobile phone to unlock the vehicle instead of …

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Tokyo Halloween Events, Costumes, Decorations and Candy

Tokyo Halloween Events, Parades, Costumes and Shopping

Tokyo Halloween Events, Costumes, Decorations and Candy resources. Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays, as it is for my children. The Japanese have officially embraced Halloween (maybe not the trick-or-treat part, but the home party). Ten years ago it was almost impossible to find costumes and decorations, but …

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Shichi-Go-San Celebrations – Tips, Shrines and Kimonos

November is the month of foliage in Japan, but also the month of  Shichi-Go-San Celebrations. Girls age 7 & 3 and boys 5 celebrate coming of age. November 15th is the actual date of 7-5-3, but families celebrate by dressing up the children and visiting shrines across Japan from the …

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Take-Aways – Educating Your Child in a Non-Native Language

Educating Your Child in a Non-Native Language

As a parent educating my children in the Japanese school system I was thrilled to attend the `Educating Your Child in a Non-Native Language` seminar at the Tokyo American Club. This seminar organized by Betsy Rogers, an American longtime Japan resident with experience of school systems in the US and Japan and …

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Tokyo International Schools Open Houses & Tours 2019-2020

Tokyo International Schools Open Houses & Tours 2018-2019

If you have a child entering kindergarten to early elementary and are considering applying to an international school, you should check our Tokyo Internationals Schools Open Houses and Tours overview. If you are applying for the Fall of 2020 you need to visit schools in September and October, apply by …

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Tokyo Urban Garden Planting Calendar – Autumn

Tokyo Urban Garden Planting Calendar – Autumn. Whether you`re an accomplished gardener or a novice, gardening is a great opportunity to partner with Mother Nature and bond with family and friends. Gardening teaches patience, care and offers a pathway to better health and nutrition. Our advice for novice gardeners is to …

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Top 10 Halloween Trick-or-Treat Etiquette – Happy Halloween Tokyo

Top 10 Halloween Trick-or-Treat Etiquette

Be prepared for Halloween in Tokyo by reviewing our Top 10 Halloween Trick-or-Treat Etiquette. Halloween is gaining popularity rapidly in Japan, especially in Tokyo. Many shopping areas, such as; Roppongi and Omotesando offer parades and stores give candy out to kids in costumes. Great way to drive a lot of foot traffic for …

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Japanese Baby Skin Care Products – Best Sellers and Organic Choices

Japanese Baby Skin Care Products – Best Sellers and Organic Choices In recent years, there’s been an increase in the selection of skin care items available for newborns, babies, and toddlers. These products match parents’ demands and concerns regarding products that are gentle on a little one’s sensitive skin. These …

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Ningen Dock Experience – Japan Physical Check-up

Nigen Dock Experience - Japan Physical Check-up

When I worked in the corporate world and was 10-20 years younger, I dreaded the annual mandatory company Ningen Dock (Japan Physical Check-up). Now I am a mompreneur and who has to pay for my medical care mostly, so I had not had an annual Ningen Dock in four years. …

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Guide to Japanese Baby Food Brands and Ingredients

Weaning is an important milestone in a baby’s growth. To help you here is our Guide to Japanese Baby Food Brands and Ingredients. As parents, we want to make the right choices regarding baby’s food and diet. In Japan, weaning typically begins when babies are around 5 or 6 months …

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Top Indoor Tokyo Birthday Party Venues for Babies and Kids

Here are our Top Indoor Tokyo Birthday Party Venues for babies and kids (0 – 8 years). Looking for a great spot to celebrate your little ones birthday? Look no further. We have personally visited and/or celebrated at each of these venues and can recommend them all. Dates fill up quickly so …

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Lost and Found Tokyo

With so many kids, I have become a student of Lost and Found Tokyo. One of the best things about Japan is that you do not need to despair if you lose or forget something on a train or a cab. In Japan, there is a very high probability you …

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How to Hire a Helper in Japan

One of the most common conversations amongst busy moms and working parents is how to hire a helper. There is a lot to consider but here some info to help you out. The three most common options are; 1. hire a local service company to provide help, 2. sponsor a …

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