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Tokyo International Schools’ Calendars – Winter/Spring 2020

Top Tokyo International School Calendars

We have gathered some of the top Tokyo International Schools’ Calendars for Winter 2020 (January to July 2020) in an attempt to help simplify planning. We often hear from other parents and organizers of community events that all the international schools’ schedules being different causes may headaches. Hoping readers find …

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Roppongi Cooperative Playgroup

The Roppongi Cooperative Playgroup is a parent-run cooperative for children 1.5 years up to age 4. The Roppongi Playgroup meets once a week for two hours. Children can  develop an early love of school and friendship through a combination of free play, stories, snacks, music and crafts. Activities vary from week …

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Tokyo English Speaking Pediatricians

Tokyo English Speaking Doctors

When you move to Japan with kids one of your top priorities is to find a Tokyo English speaking pediatricians. Luckily for us, there is an increasing number of skilled pediatricians in Tokyo to choose.  Below is a list of seven Tokyo based English speaking pediatricians that my friends and I …

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Which Japanese Rice to Buy? – Types, Price and More

Japanese Rice gourmet city rice aisle

If you’ve wandered into a Japanese supermarket simply shopping for rice, you have probably been surprised and maybe overwhelmed by the variety. White rice, brown rice, non-wash rice the list goes on! Japanese rice is more than a source of carbohydrate, it is a part of Japan’s culture. According to …

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2020 Japan Post Nengajyo (New Years Postcard) Lottery

Happy New Year! By now you should have received nengajo (年賀状) / New Year Cards in your mailbox. Nengajyo are the equivalent to the Western custom of sending out Christmas cards. The latest date nengajo are delivered by is January 7th. If you have received a card from someone you …

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Japan Charities – Volunteer Opportunities

Tokyo charity events

Enjoy your life in Japan more by getting involved in Japan Charities. There are many volunteer opportunities to give time and or money to support great causes. I have curated a list of 10 Japan charities to help you find one just right for you. If you would like to nominate …

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Donate or Sell Used Clothes in Tokyo

So if you have been in Tokyo for more than a few seasons and love clothes than you are probably ready and wondering how to donate or sell used clothes in Tokyo.  Watch my video on youtube to see how my clothes purge went. To get motivated, I read the …

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Otoshidama (New Year Money) – Top 10 Must Knows

Do you know the history and present day etiquette of otoshidama (お年玉 )? If you have children in the house, child relatives and or special friend’s kids you must know about this Japanese tradition, especially if you are living in Japan. As part of the Japanese New Year’s celebration, it is …

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Renewing a Japanese Passport for Your Child

renewing a japanese passport

Here is information on where to go, what to bring and how to renew a Japanese passport.  If you are renewing a Japanese Passport (5 yr, 10 yr, 15 yr) for your child, follow these simple steps. If you are applying for a Japanese passport for the first time for …

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Japanese New Year Preparations

Are you preparing for Japanese New Year? Tokyo goes quiet this week as most Japanese travel back to their hometowns to eat, drink and relax for three days. I love the silence of Tokyo over the holiday – a great time to bike around due to far fewer cars, and …

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10 Ways to Celebrate the New Year in Japan

Tokyo New Year

10 Ways to Celebrate the New Year in Japan – The Japanese New Year (正月/しょうがつ/Shougatsu) in Japan is a rather laid-back event stretching over a one week period. While festive parties and New Year’s countdowns are catching on, especially in bigger cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, and Kobe, the Japanese New Year …

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Traveling With Babies and Toddlers – The Essentials

Traveling With Babies and Toddlers – The Essentials The holidays are here – are you ready? For many of us, the upcoming holidays mean travel. Whether you’re traveling within Japan or internationally, going by car, plane, train or boat, you want to make sure you have everything when traveling with …

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Tokyo English Christmas Church Services 2019

Tokyo English Christmas Church Services

If you are in Tokyo for the holidays, consider attending one of the many beautiful Tokyo English Christmas Church Services. We have listed seven churches in Tokyo, and a handful in Yokohama, Kyoto and Osaka. Some of my best memories of a child are attending services. Even if you are unable …

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Top 10 Japan Apps – For Expats or Tourists in Japan

Top 10 Japan APPs, Best Living Japan

We polled the Best Living Japan community to learn about what top 10 Japan Apps they use daily on their Japanese mobile phones. Navigation, translation, eating and more, find out what Apps Tokyo Expats can’t live without. Highly recommended for those traveling to Japan to make their trip more enjoyable. …

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What is your New Year’s Resolution?

What is your New Year’s Resolution going to be? Talking to Japan-based friends the top New Year’s resolutions are pretty similar! We all need to remember that New Year’s Day is a day, just like all the other 364 days of the year. To fulfil your resolution you need to …

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Christmas in Japan by Efrot Weiss

Christmas in Japan by Efrot Weiss.  Efrot is long term Japan resident and good friend who writes a monthly column for the Tokyo American Club (TAC) Intouch Magazine. BestLivingJapan will be sharing Efrot’s articles about Japan & Intl cultural difference throughout 2015. Thank you Efrot and TAC! Christmas in Japan …

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2018 Tokyo Santa Claus Meet & Greet Locations

It can be a challenge finding Santa in Tokyo, but we have double check the list and can recommend these ten 2018 Tokyo Santa Claus meet & greet locations between now and Christmas. Not all places allow for sitting on Santa’s lap and personal photo opportunities but where allowed we have …

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Top English Speaking Tokyo Dermatologists

English Speaking Tokyo Dermatologists

If you are looking for an top Tokyo English speaking Tokyo dermatologists here is a list of seven Drs. that many of my Tokyo Expat friends have recommended.  Cancer skin checks, acne or cosmetic treatments most of the dermatologists are one stop clinics.  Choosing a doctor is a personal decision …

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Tokyo Christmas Dinner 2019 – Top Holiday Dining Spots

The holidays are here, and it is time to plan your Tokyo Christmas Dinner 2019. Are you ready? Whether you have been nasty or nice, you deserve a nice tasting Christmas dinner. Here are our top recommendations for Tokyo area families. Reserve early! Happy Holidays! If you have other recommendations …

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Volunteer in Japan – Great Charities to Support

Japan Charities to Support

So much unrest and need in the world that one can not sit by and watch – Volunteer in Japan. Get involved! I was at an event the other day, and the volunteer speaker said that “Children raised in a house with volunteering activities become givers and volunteers”.  Teach your …

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How to Do a Furikomi (Bank Transfer) in Japan

It is really important to learn how to do a furikoi (bank transfer) in Japan as soon as you arrive. Furikomi (お振り込み / お振込) is an electronic funds transfer between your bank account and a recipient. Many banks have upgraded their ATMs to offer this service in English however some only offer …

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