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Safety & Help in Japan

Reading Japanese Food Labels – Allergens and Tips for Pregnant and Nursing Women

Reading Japanese Food Labels – Allergens and Tips for Pregnant and Nursing Women A challenging part of life in Japan is navigating the supermarket aisles and deciphering the labels. You may be wondering how to recreate home dishes using ingredients available at your local grocer, or you may have special …

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Five Common Contagious Children’s Ailments in Japan – What is it? How to cure?

School is about to begin which means lots of excitement but also some contagious children’s ailments. Be prepared and know what to look for. Here are five common contagious children’s ailments in Japan.  To help you out we consulted with one of our family’s dermatologists (Dr. Chin-huai Keong, M.D., Ph.D.@ Garden Clinic Hiroo) about …

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2015 Japanese Holidays and Dates

If you are planning a long family holiday, or just looking forward to three-day weekends, best to know your 2015 Japanese holidays and dates. With four kids in three different schools, we need to plan for the year in January. 2015 Japanese Holidays and Dates Japan has 15 national holidays …

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Earthquake Preparation with WaNavi

  Earthquakes are frequent in Japan. There have been nearly 3000 earthquakes in and around Japan since 3/11/11 as seen on the Japan Quake Map. It is important to take proactive steps to protect yourself and your family to survive an Earthquake Disaster.   Earthquake Preparation Tips – Have at least a …

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Building Maintenance

I haven’t been blogging regularly for several months now. I had to take a blog break last autumn as my `spirited` baby girl refused to sleep or nap. Also because our building was and still is undergoing inspection, maintenance and construction. In Japan, buildings are required to have inspection and maintenance …

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