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Best Living Japan Studio Classes

Chabako Classes

chabako classes

If you love utility crafts, then join us at Best Living Japan for a Chabako Class. You will go home with a lovely washi covered Japanese wooden tea box which is tin lined. Chabakos make great storage boxes for woollens and special keepsakes. Chabako Classes are 10,000 JPY + 8% …

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American Holiday Cooking Classes

american holiday cooking classes

Join us for our American Holiday Cooking Classes.  Whether it is your 1st or 10th holiday season in Japan. Japan’s smaller houses and ovens, and difficulty of finding favorite increments can add stress to your holiday season. Two holiday cooking classes will be offered – Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner. Enjoy …

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Tokyo Help WaNavi Japan Classes

help in japan

Are you considering sending your child to Japanese Kindergarten? Do you want to learn how the Japanese Healthcare System works or understand Japanese ingredients and food labeling? Come on down to the Best Living Japan studio and join one of the Tokyo Help WaNavi Classes to learn about Japanese Kindergarten education, …

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ArtBar Paint and Wine Events


Best Living Japan is partnering with ArtBar to offer ArtBar paint and wine events this Autumn 2018 at the Best Living Japan Studio in Minami Azabu, Minato-ku.  A great couple activity or fun time with friends.  All materials are included, just bring your excitement and creativity! We have wine, non-alcoholic …

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Cake Decorating Classes

cake decorating classes

Best Living Japan is excited to tie-up with Cake Decorating instructor Seema Jain for our Halloween and Holiday whipped cream with fondant decoration cake class. You’ll learn how make and decorate a cake using a fresh whipped cream frosting that is very stable and not too sweet like buttercream. This class focuses on giving …

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Gluten Free Cooking Classes

gluten free cooking classes

Join one of our Gluten Free Cooking Classes if someone in you family has a gluten intolerance? Are you interested in learning to find easy delicious gluten free recipes to make for your family? Are you finding it difficult to choose gluten free safe ingredients while shopping here in Japan? …

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American Desserts Baking Classes

american desserts baking classes

Craving your American dessert favorites? Join one of our American Desserts Baking classes to learn how to make the perfect pie and muffins. Get advice on where to source ingredients in Japan and other local cooking tips. All American Desserts Baking Classes are 7,500 JP + 8% JP consumption tax …

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Plant Based Cooking Classes

plant based cooking classes

Would you like to have more energy, feel younger, recover better, reduce the risk of autoimmune diseases? Try one of our Plant Based Cooking Classes. Have an overall healthier lifestyle which is environmentally friendly and kinder to the planet, but always thought this is too complicated, not tasty and the kids will not like …

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Ayurvedic Cooking Classes

ayurvedic cooking classes

Are you interested in improving your family’s health and mind through better eating? If yes, I highly recommend you attend one of the Best Living Japan Ayurvedic Cooking Classes. Ayurveda has three main focuses: healing, prevention, and healthcare. Ayurvedic cooking is the personalizing of food for each person’s healing process. …

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Best Living Japan Class Vouchers

Get incremental saving on your Best Living Japan classes by buying a set of Best Living Japan class vouchers. Best Living Japan offers over 30 different types of cooking, art & crafts, and lifestyle classes and tours. Check our selection of classes.  All the classes are conducted in the Best …

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French Cooking Classes

french cooking classes

Best Living Japan is excited to tie-up for a second season of French Cooking Classes with French cooking teacher, Adèle Grosset, in each class your will learn four recipes and French cooking techniques. Recipes from appetizers to main dishes and desserts – menu ideas with ingredients that can easily sourced in …

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Ikebana Classes

ikebana classes

While our home serves as a sanctuary, it is only just that we also put efforts into making and keeping it a peaceful and comfortable place. In olden times, people believe that the house as a structure is not enough for this purpose. They use plants especially flowers to enhance …

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Southeast Asian Cooking Classes

southeast asian cooking classes

Love Thai and Vietnamese food, but never quite sure how to start cooking it?  Join Jeannine, an experienced cooking teacher, and learn how to adjust the spice level to your taste, where to quickly and easily buy Thai ingredients in Tokyo (many can be purchased through Honest Bee), and how …

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Best Living Japan Class Policies and FAQs

Best Living Japan Class Policies and FAQs

Thank you for your interest in taking a class at the Best Living Japan Studio. Below are some frequently asked Best Living Japan Class Policies and FAQs. If you still have a question about a class, please send an email to info@BestLivingJapan.com. For our latest class selection check here. Best …

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Wood Sign Making Classes

wood sign making classes

Create a personalized wood sign to decorate your home in Japan, or give as a holiday gift to a loved one. You will get to choose from over 25 designs, and all materials will be provided by our teacher, Faye, from Kraftiroom.  Just bring yourself! In a 2.5 hour workshop, …

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Wagara Classes

wagara classes

If you like to paint and jewelry, then going a Wagara class. Wagara means ‘Japanese classical patterns’ which used to be applied to Japanese kimono. We will be applying the same concept to a wood chip and creating jewelry. Join one of Best Living Japan’s Wagara Classes and learn the …

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Tokyo Tours


Join a Best Living Japan tour to learn about Tokyo and surrounding areas. One Tokyo overview seminar and three day tours will be offered between September – November 2018.  Both the seminar and tours are lead by the lovely and licensed tour guide Ms. Haruko Saruwatari.  You are sure to …

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Japanese Dining Etiquette


Attend this Japanese Dining Etiquette seminar lunch if you want to gain confidence in your manners and be more relaxed the next time you visit a Japanese formal restaurant or friend’s home. We will enjoy a delicious multi-course Japanese lunch in the Best Living Japan Studio in Minami Azabu, Minato-ku, …

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Knitting Classes


Have you ever wanted to learn to knit or learn a new knitting technique? Would you like to be able to make beautifully knit gifts for your friends and family? Come join one of Best Living Japan’s Knitting Classes. There are five knitting classes being offered from September – December …

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Incense Making Classes

incense making classes

Have you ever wondered how traditional incense is made? Come take one of Best Living Japan’s Incense Making Classes. You’ll learn all about the natural ingredients the instructor uses in her blends before you get to make your very own incense. She’ll teach you the tricks of making a unique …

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