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Tokyo Breakfast Brunch – 23+ Spots for Eggs, Pancakes and more


Here are more than 23+ great Tokyo breakfast brunch spots. Looking for a good spot for Tokyo breakfast or brunch on the weekend?  I love breakfast! I am a very earlier riser, so breakfast is my main meal of the day.  There are many other Tokyo Breakfast Brunch spots, but …

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August 2018 Top Tokyo Activities and Events

Here are our recommended August 2018 Top Tokyo Activities and Events. The Summer Festivals, Fireworks and Museum Exhibits continue through August and includes Obon in Japan a week where Japanese families typically travel back to their hometowns to visit the graves of ancestors. Experience the many festivities and cultural events before the …

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Roppongi Hills & TV Asahi Summer Station Events

Adorable Life-sized Doraemon statues at Roppongi Hills marks the beginning of their annual Summer Station. The TV Asahi and Roppongi Hills` Summer Station event is filled with live entertainment, games and activities. Purchase their 1-day Summer pass (2,000 yen JHS and older; 1,000 kids aged 4 up to JHS) at …

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2018 Tokyo Summer Fireworks

tokyo fireworks

Here are our 2018 Top Tokyo Summer Fireworks recommendations. Tokyo area fireworks are a must experience. The sky of Tokyo area will be alive with fireworks once the rainy season passes in mid-July.  I believe one has not experienced Japan until you wear your yukata (cotton kimono) and geta (wooden sandals) …

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July 2018 Tokyo Top Activities and Events

Here are our recommended July 2018 Tokyo Top Activities and Events. July marks the beginning of summer festivals! Get ready to celebrate Tanabata on Saturday, July 7th by learning about the celebration at one of the great festivals. Also remember mosquito repellant, top pharmacy sunscreens for kids, and festive weekend events through the month of …

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