Parks and Gardens in Japan, Parks and Garden with kids in Tokyo

So many beautiful Parks and Gardens in Japan. We have selected our favorite ones where you can enjoy a quick visit or meander for hours with a picnic lunch. We love the four-season in Japan which deliver gorgeous flowers and foliage year long. Little kids will love walking the waving paths, while older kids will enjoy learning how the gardens are laid out and the histories. Find your favorite garden or park and visit a few times during one year to see how the experience changes with then views. We love taking our kids to Japanese parks and gardens, and we hope you do as well.  Enjoy! Traveling to Japan, Tokyo or Living in Japan you will love the Best Living Japan moms’ blog recommendations.

Parks and Gardens with Kids – Tokyo, Japan

Top 9 Tokyo Iris Gardens

Japanese Iris, Best Living Japan

My wedding flowers were irises so I have a sweet spot for them! Here are my favorite top 9 Tokyo Iris gardens.  Irises follow shortly behind hydrangea as the June rain fills the shallow water areas perfect for Iris blooms.  With over 2,000 species of Irises that bloom from late …

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Hamarikyu Garden Park Chuo-Ku, Tokyo) – Picnic by the Bay

Hamarikyu Garden and Park

Hamarikyu Garden Park (浜離宮恩賜庭園 Hama-rikyū Onshi Teien) is one of the largest and most diverse Japanese Garden Parks in central Tokyo. It is also one of the nine Metropolitan Cultural Heritage Gardens. Hamarikyu Garden Park is located on the original edge of Tokyo Bay in Chuo-ku (near Hamatsucho, Shinbashi, and Shiodome). …

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Best Tokyo Hydrangea Viewing Spots – June 2021

Tokyo Hydrangea

We love Hydrangea so here are the Best Tokyo hydrangea viewing spots. Our 2021 hydrangea list is shorter than normal due to COVID but we have confirmed these locations are open! June is the peak hydrangea season and also the rainy season, Tsuyu, in Japan. Grab your umbrella and visit …

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Showa Kinen Park (Tachikawa, Tokyo)

Showa Memorial Park 昭和記念公園, Tachikawa, Tokyo - Rent Bikes, Massive Playgrounds and Water Play

On a sunny day escape central Tokyo and head for the huge Showa Kinen Park 昭和記念公園.  Showa Memorial Park is approximately a 50-70 min trip from central Tokyo via car or train. Biking, hiking, climbing nets, bouncing on huge white soft blobs and hiding from dragons can keep the little ones …

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Autumn Foliage in Tokyo – 8 Best Locations

Late October through November is great foliage viewing in Tokyo and surrounding areas. Get on your bike or tie on your walking shoes for a full-day or couple hours of foliage touring. I recommend the following eight locations for foliage viewing in autumn. You can bike the entire loop in …

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The Institute of Nature Studies (Shirogane, Tokyo)

Shirogane Nature Park, The Institute of Nature Studies

If you do not have time to get outside of Tokyo, but want to escape for an hour or two than the park run by The Institute of Nature Studies in Shiorgane is a convenient and tranquil solution. Even though the park is located right next to a highway that …

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Nezu Shrine and University of Tokyo – Free English Guided Tour

Bunkyo City International Exchange Group is offering a free English guided tour of the University of Tokyo; renowned for its academic excellence, and the oldest national university in Japan. Visit “Akamon” (the red gate) constructed in 1827 and enjoy viewing yellow Ginkgo tree leaves at the University of Tokyo campus. …

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Himonya Park (Gakugeidaigaku, Tokyo) – Petting Zoo and Pony Rides

Himonya Park (碑文谷公園)  is a lovely place to take your young kids. Neighborhood children love the free petting zoo where they can get nose to nose with guinea pigs, rabbits and dogs; 200 yen pony rides, boat rides in the enclosed lake, and the playground. It`s beautiful for short strolls around the lake, …

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Arisugawa Park (Hiroo, Tokyo)

ikedayama park

Arisugawa Park (有栖川宮記念公園) in Hiroo is one of my kids’ favorite parks in Tokyo. It has been recently renewed with some easier to stroll pathways and a new child, baby and wheelchair friendly bathroom. It is built into a hill, so it has several tiers –  there is a wooded …

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Top Tokyo Hydrangea Gardens

Tokyo Top Hydrangea Gardens and Festivals - Top 10 Hydrangea Locations in Tokyo

Blue, purple, green, white and pink hydrangeas, absorb all the beauty at our recommended Tokyo Top Hydrangea Gardens and Festivals..  Hydrangeas are called ajisai in Japanese. Peak blooming time in Japan is June with the seasonal rains and humid air. Hydrangea has a long history in Japan and is well …

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Inokashira Park Zoo (Musashino-shi, Tokyo)

Inokashira Park, Tokyo Zoos and Aquariums

Inokashira Park Zoo is a great place for families to picnic, kids to run around, musicians to perform and vendors to gather. You can see these animals at the Inokashira Zoo: rhesus monkeys, raccoons, fennecs, Japanese serows, Japanese martens, masked palm civets, Amur cats, raccoon dogs, Japanese squirrels, red-crowned cranes, Japanese birds, tropical …

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Nezu Museum and Garden (Aoyama, Tokyo)

Nezu Museum Garden, Best Living Japan

The Nezu Museum and Garden is one of my favorite escape relaxation locations in Tokyo. I visited the other day with all four kids, and the iris plants were in full bloom (May). However, regardless of season or exhibit the Nezu Museum & Garden is a great 1-2 hour period …

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Bamboo Grove Tokyo (Meguro-ku, Tokyo) – Suzume-no Oyado Ryokuchi Park

We stumbled across this beautiful bamboo grove after shopping at the reasonably-priced Aeon Style Mall in Gakugeidaigaku. Suzume-no Oyado Ryokuchi Park (雀の御宿公園) is a green park with a grove of tall bamboo that were planted about 200 years ago. It`s a small park but a nice escape from the bustle of the city. Take …

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