Candy Show Time, Harajuku

Candy Show Time (Omotesando, Tokyo) – Kawaii Handmade Candy

If your kids are like mine a trip to Candy Show Time is a good “reward” (aka bribe) for being a good kid while visiting shrines, gardens, and museum. Although started by a couple from Melbourne, Australia the designs and flavors are 110% Japan Kawaii! Now with eleven stores across Japan, the brand has a very loyal following. Who can resist Hello Candy Show Time, HarajukuKitty, Kawaii Chibi Maruko-Chan for Harajuku mix, and Princess Candy? Stick Candy Show Time, Harajukuaround long enough to watch the candy makers rolling, pulling and chopping the candy.

Candy Show Time, Omotesando –  Kawaii Handmade Candy

Candy Show Time rock candy is all made in-house and comes in over 30 flavors from standard lemons and strawberry to yogurt and chili powder. If you have time and can watch the entire making process, you will be amazed to see a white doughCandy Show Time, Harajuku like substance be pulled and kneaded adding color along the way. Once the mixture has been kneaded sufficiently, it is rolled out and aligned with long rolls of other colors to make designs of faces, words and other season objects. A fascinating process to see real-time.  One large batch of candy mixture eventually ends up into 7,000 little pieces of candy. However, here is a link if you can’t visit yourself. Little bags or glass bottles of the candy make sweat and portable gifts for folks locally or back home for 500 – 900 JPY.

Candy Show Time, HarajukuCandy Show Time, Omotesando 
Address: 6-31-15 Jinguemae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business Hours: Everyday 11:00 – 20:00
Access: 2 min walk from Harajuku station on the JR Yamanote Line
Website: (Japanese only)


All Candy Show Time SHOPs

Omotesando, Tokyo
Cat Street Tokyo
Pochette  Tokyo
Solamachi, Tokyo
Nagoya Sakae Nagoya
Hakata Fukuoka
Kyoto Gion Kyoto
Kyoto Cafe Kyoto


Candy Show Time, Harajuku

Candy Show Time, Harajuku Candy Show Time, Harajuku Candy Show Time, Harajuku Candy Show Time, Harajuku Candy Show Time, Harajuku Candy Show Time, Harajuku


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