Buying Organic Foods Online in Japan

Buying Organic Foods Online in Japan

Buying Organic Foods Online in Japan is much easier than finding off-line.  We have included our favorite online and delivery stores for finding great quality organic veggies and fruits, meat and also more general pantry items.  Try a few of the services below to find your favorite!

Buying Organic Foods Online in Japan

Buying Organic Foods Online in JapanSuperOrganic Foods (SOF) – We love this fantastic company, which supplies produce of the highest organic standard in Japan.  SOF provide weekly or fortnightly veggie boxes.  They have a standard box where produce changes with the season, but what is great about SOF is that they give you the option to swap veggies and add extras if you would like.  The boxes come in small, medium or large and they also sell organic brown rice, organic pork sausages and lovely organic, free-range eggs. They also communicate in English which is very helpful!

Best for: Veggies of the highest quality you can find in Japan adhering to “beyond organic” standards, plus their lovely eggs!


Buying Organic Foods Online in JapanBio (give them a call and they can speak to you in English) – Bio Marche provides organic vegetables and fruits (including fresh organic blueberries), organic eggs, and great organic chickens. They can communicate in English and also offer options for weekly delivery of some items like organic bananas, organic milk and organic natto.

Best for: Their organic chicken wings are great for making bone broth. Online ordering is quick and easy using the catalog that they send to you.


Buying Organic Foods Online in JapanRadish (Google translation helps with the online ordering) – Radish Bo-ya lists its fruits and vegetables as either organic or low-pesticide, and also has a small selection of allergen-free items. It also has organic strawberries which are difficult to come by in Japan! For an occasional allergen-free treat, we love the sweet potato paste or pumpkin donuts. A good source of quinoa miso, allergen-free okonomiyaki flour and even gnocchi made with rice flour and pumpkin. Radish Bo-ya has a selection of good quality meats; our favorite is the 100% grass-fed beef from Tasmania.

Best for: Allergen-free food, good quality meats and organic fruits


Buying Organic Foods Online in – iHerb is a fantastic online resource for so many items.  You can buy nuts and seeds (although some will not deliver to Japan), healthy raw snacks, supplements, beauty products and many more items.  There are numerous organic options and you are able to click on photos to see the ingredients list of nearly all the products.  Delivery is relatively quick and very cheap, free if you order over a certain amount. You will automatically get a 10% discount off your first purchase if you use this code RFL526 in checkout.

Best for: Organic nut butters, organic green powders and their dried organic herbs.


logo_newzee_lightgrey_350NewZee – NewZee is a fantastic company providing 100% grass-fed beef and lamb from New Zealand. Their produce is free from pesticides, GMOs, antibiotics and hormones, and is BSE-free and halal. Their lamb shanks are great for making bone broth.

Best for: Delicious New Zealand 100% grass-fed lamb.


Other sources of good quality foods for home delivery in Japan that the authors have had experience with or have had positive recommendations about are: (seasonal organic vegetables delivery, June to January) (seasonal organic vegetables delivery, June to December)


Here are other recommenced shopping locations for great groceries in Japan

Sakana no Bacca (Nakameguro) for the best fish in town.

Don Quijote Platinum (Shirogane) for the best Japanese beef (not joking, there is an amazing butcher shop in the back of the first floor)

Offline Organic Stores – Tokyo Organic Stores

Recommended Organic Restaurants and Cafes 

Umekoji Collabo, Kyoto – Family-Friendly Organic Restaurant

Three Twins Organic Ice Cream Shop (Daikanyama, Tokyo)

We Are The Farm ORGANIC RESTAURANT (Ebisu, TokyoI)

Cosme Kitchen Adaptation (Ebisu, Tokyo) – All you can eat Organic Salad Bar

Organic Cafe Lulu (Koto-ku, Tokyo) – Reading Cafe and Play Space

Lotus Baquette Organic Bakery and Cafe (Daikanyama, Shibuya & Yokohama)

Urth Caffe (Daikanyama, Tokyo) – Healthy Food and Organic Drinks Cafe

Bareburger Organic Restaurant, Jiyugaoka – Baby-friendly

Midorie Organic Restaurant & Deli (Gakugeidaigaku, Tokyo)

Floresta Nature Donuts – Adorable, Organic Donuts

Trueberry, Hiroo – Organic Food and Drink


Buying Organic Foods Online in Japan



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  1. thanks for this great information. i’m curious what the difference is in cost for those services that are similar. was that part of your research?

    • Hi Alli, Prices can very not just be retailer, but seasonally. Best to check each one and make your own value decision. Kindest Lauren

  2. for baby oriented organic food, you can also mention

  3. I’m really interested in the super organics site but I’m on their site forever and cant find where you order. Did they change the system or can you help me find the direct link for ordering veggies? Thanks!

  4. The Super Organic site is really hard to navigate. Any tips on how to find out about the vegetable boxes you mentioned?

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