Buy Holiday Decorations in Tokyo

Buy Holiday Decorations in Tokyo, Asakusa

Need to buy holiday decorations in Tokyo that last forever for Halloween, Christmas, Valentines?  Artificial holiday decorations are in abundance year round at Asakusabashi (Kuramae station on the Oedo line). There is a handful of stores on the same corner that sell an amazing selection of fake flowers and holiday decorations. If you are planning a big festival or party, this is a great place to shop for a wide selection and economy.  In the Autumn, I purchased some fall leaves, a chestnut branch and a handful of rice plant boughs. For the holidays, I found some great hanging snowflakes and tinsel for the tree. The shop keeper said if I wrapped them up safely they would last forever. Happy Holidays!

If you are looking for birthday decorations, I highly recommend Kishi Party Store. 

Decorations That Last Forever Details

Address: 3-20-21 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Access: 5 min walk from the Kuramae Station on the Oedo and Asakusa Lines

Buy Holiday Decorations in Tokyo
Lots of Santa in all sizes
Buy Holiday Decorations in Tokyo
Holly and wreaths for many halls
Buy Holiday Decorations in Tokyo
Snow flakes


Buy Holiday Decorations in Tokyo
Final creation
Buy Holiday Decorations in Tokyo
Front of one of the decoration shops
Buy Holiday Decorations in Tokyo
Another store in the same block all decked out for Halloween



















Decorations That Last Forever


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