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Build a Portable Career - 6 Weeks Kickstart program (Tokyo, Minami Azabu) - February/March 2018

Build A Portable Career – 6 Week Kickstart program (Tokyo, Minami Azabu) – February – March 2018

Best Living Japan is partnering with Professional Management Consultant, Facilitator and Coach, Tanja Bach, to offer a seminar on how to Build a Portable Career.  Starting over is never easy.  So why not create a portable career that you can take with you regardless of your physical location.  In this class, you will learn what it takes to have a portable career and whether this is something for you.   By the end of the 6 sessions, you will have

  1. A personal SWOT analysis
  2. A one-page portable career plan
  3. A clear understanding of your personal brand and the value you bring to the table
  4. A chance to create your resume or virtual presence to make an impact
  5. Solid interviewing skills
  6. Networking – building and maintaining your connections  (we could add this topic if you feel this would be of interest, if not, let`s keep just six sessions).
  7. A vision board to help you keep the focus on your path

Each class explores one topic.  The classes are most effective if taken in order as the topics built on each other to help you create a complete pathway for your future portable career. This being said, each session can be attended as one stand-alone event. The key learning for each week is outlined below. Registration here. 

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Build a Portable Career – 6 Week Kickstart program (Tokyo, Minami Azabu) – February – March 2018

The Best Living Japan Build a Portable Career seminar will be offered on Fridays 13:00 – 15:00 from February 2nd  – March 16th, 2018 (February 16 is a vacation day).

1. The Build a Portable Career seminar is comprised of six sessions and cost 30,000 JPY for all 6 weeks (5,000 JPY per class), or you can attend one at a time for 6,500 JPY per class. Consumption tax (8%) + PayPal fee added at checkout.

2. Duration of Each Lesson: 2 hours and includes an introduction to the day’s topic and class materials.  (except for the Vision boarding, I will be asking everybody to bring in magazines and pictures, etc).

3. The maximum number of students in each class is 12.

Classes are offered in the Best Living Japan K.K. class space in Minami Azabu.  To register for a class click this link to complete a sign-up form and chose the number of classes and actual classes you would like to attend. Payment must be made within 48 hours via the PayPal button located below to reserve your classes. Recipient’s email address is payments@bestlivingjapan.

Class & Price

W1. Friday, February 2 – 

My Portable Career SWOT Analysis –  What is a portable career?  Develop a  SWOT analysis (find your strengths and create your personalized SWOT).

First we will explore what a portable career is.  And then look into if you have what it takes to take on such a career path and how to bridge the gap to get there. For that, we will take inventory of your personal situation.  As with any career path, it pays to find out what you actually enjoy doing, what you are good at and what would be beneficial to avoid.  You will take inventory of your skill sets, your preferences, logistical requirements, such as balancing family with a job, educational requirements, rules and regulations that may affect what you want to do etc.   At the end of the session, you will have a nice overview of your strengths, your weaknesses, opportunities and threats (areas to watch out for) to get you started towards your portable career.


W2. Friday, February 9

My Portable Career Plan – Create a lean canvas career plan to help you structure your planning stage.

During this session, we will explore actual career options more closely.  Regardless of what you like to do a bit of planned structure will make the execution of your dream so much easier.  We will look at the lean canvas model to help you plan your dream in more details and highlight the main areas that may affect the successful execution. This plan serves as a skeleton on which you can built your portable career and leaves enough room and flexibility for it to adjust to our dynamic lifestyles and changing situations.


W3. Friday, February 23 – 

My Brand – Define your personal brand.

You know you are good.  You know you are qualified.  And you know you can do it.  But does anyone else know it?  When you think of brands, most likely product names will pop to mind, like Coca-Cola or Kleenex.  Just think about it, if you are referring to a paper tissue by its name, you know that brand got it made.  With portable career, brand is a leverage that will cross borders and make it easier for you to get recognized anywhere.  In this session, we will look at what makes your own personal brand.  You will have a chance to define it and receive instant feedback from the class to test the impact of that brand.


W4. Friday, March 2

Resume writing / virtual presence – Creating a presence so that others can find you. Learn about how to develop and leverage Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram.

Portable careers are no different from any other jobs in that they require resumes and biographies for potential employers to scan your past track record.  Resumes and bios can be cultural specific. We will look at various resume writing styles, and answer specific questions regarding culture specific resumes and biographies.   We will also look at how we can use social media to become part of our resume and brand.


W5. Friday, March 9

 Behavioural Interviewing Skills – How to make an impression in person.

What is the strangest question you have every been asked in an interview?  Mine was: “If you were an ice-cream flavor, what flavor would you be?”   Well, beware, all interview questions have alterative motives.  It is time to see through the façade and make sure you leave an impression.  No matter where you are or where you will go, interviews will always be a part of the job landing process.  We will use the time to practice how to ace any interview you will ever face again and at the same time, you will have the opportunity to also experience what it feels like to be on the hiring end of the interview table. Come join us for 2 hours, trying to land a job and making a final decision on who to hire!



W6 Friday, March 16

Your Vision Board – Putting it all together on a vision board to help you pursue your dream.

Why a Vision Board? A visual depiction of your goals will help you focus on what you want.  This focus will help you to stay attune to what actions you need to take to achieve those goals and ultimately help you in realizing your dream.  Plus vision boarding is just plain fun. It`s a great excuse for adults to let out your inner child and be crafty again. Let`s flip through magazines, newspapers and clips to create a collage of your portable career journey and take home a visual depiction of what your future holds in store for you.

If you have any specific questions please let us know at info@BestLivingJapan.com.************

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About the Teacher
Tanja Bach

Ms. Tanja Bach is a Tokyo-based trilingual management consultant, trainer/facilitator, and coach.

Her passion is to empower and inspire her clients to reach their full potential in multi-cultural and global environments, with a focus on leadership development, communication, and individual & organizational change.

Social Media: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tanja-bach-4757041/



Build a Portable Career – 6 Weeks Kickstart program (Tokyo, Minami Azabu) – February/March 2018

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Refund Exception: If Best Living Japan has to reschedule or cancel a class, we will contact you directly by phone or email to offer a full refund.  Under all circumstances, we will do our best to transfer you to another day or similar class.

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