Blue Seal Ice Cream (Ebisu Garden Place, Tokyo) – Okinawan Ice Cream

Blue Seal,a specialty ice cream brand that was “born in America and raised in Okinawa” since 1948 is a great spot to try a unique fusion of American and Okinawan flavors that are rich in taste and refreshing. Some of their unique flavors are Okinawa Ta-imo Cheesecake, Ube (Okinawan Purple Yam), Blue Wave, Ryukyu Royal Milk Tea and Okinawan Salt Cookies. They also carry standard flavors like Vanilla, Strawberry, Almond Pistachio, Chocolate Cookie Swirl, and Mint Chocolate. You can also get Tapioca Drinks with unique flavors like Beni-imo Milk, Hawaiian Milk and Hawaiian Silqua with/without soft serve soft serve, and hot or cold crepes.

Blue Seal Ebisu Garden Place (ブルーシール 恵比寿ガーデンプレイス店) can seat about 15 indoors and 10 out. It`s located directly across the street from the Ebisu Walkway; a great spot to grab ice cream and watch the trains pass on the bridge or directly below the Blue Seal Cafe. They also sell ice cream cup gift sets; 12 100ml cups for 3630 yen; 18 for 4630 yen or 24 for 5556 yen. Stop in and try quintessential Okinawan ice cream.

Blue Seal Okinawa Ice Cream has stores throughout Japan and five in Tokyo; Haneda Airport, Ikebukuro Sunshine City, Fussa, Kokubunji and Ebisu Garden Place.

Blue Seal Ebisu Garden Place Details:

Address: Ebisu Garden Place, 4-20-5 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (東京都渋谷区恵比寿4-20-5)
Phone: 03-5422-6634
Shop Hours: 11:00-22:00 Daily
Access: 10 minutes from Ebisu Station on the JR and Hibiya Lines.
Additional Locations:



Blue Seal Ebisu Garden Place – Okinawan Ice Cream


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