Best Tokyo Parks for Kids' Bicycling - Rent or Bring Your Own

Best Tokyo Parks for Kids’ Bicycling – Rent or Bring Your Own

Looking for the Best Tokyo Parks for Kids’ Bicycling? Before heading out to the sidewalks and streets of Tokyo try practicing in a safe kid-friendly environment.  Here are our favorite parks that we love taking our kids. Once your kids are bicycle veterans, try the Rainbow Bridge/Odaiba adventure  If you don’t have bikes and want to buy a second-hand bike try your luck at the Minato-ku Bike lottery held once a month. On the topic of bikes, we also have this info – advice on Buying “investing” an electric bicycle and community bike rentals.

Tokyo Bike PracticeRent or Bring Your Own

Great Park to Bring Your Own Bike – Komazawa Olympic Park, Setagaya

Komazawa Olympic Park (Setagaya, Tokyo) – A Great Sports Park

Toddler to Adult Bike Rentals in Yoyogi Park

Biking in Yoyogi Park (Harajuku, Tokyo) – Bike Rentals from Tricycles to Tandems

11 kms of Bile Trails – 18 cm Bicycles to 30 cms & Mamachari with baby Seat Rentals @ Showa Park


Showa Kinen Park (Tachikawa, Tokyo)

Bicycle Traffic Course with Little Kids Bikes

Fusumacho Park Playground and Bicycle Traffic Safety Park

Imperial Palace Outer Garden Biking

Sunday Biking at the Imperial Palace (Hibiya, Tokyo)


Additional Bicycle practice parks (external links)

 Suginami Children’s Traffic Park

Omorinishikotsu Park

Oizumikotsu Park

Morigasakikotsu Park


Best Tokyo Parks for Kids’ Bicycling – Rent or Bring Your Own

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