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Best Living Japan Studio Rental – Central Tokyo Rental Kitchen for 20

The Best Living Japan Studio rental is perfect for cooking, crafting or seminars.  We spent a lot of time designing the studio space of our dreams and are delighted to share it. The studio is a fully equipped professional kitchen which can be used as a crafting and seminar space as well. The studio is located @ 3-Chome Minami Azabu in Minato-ku, Tokyo.  The studio is located a 2 min walk from Korinji bus stop and a 10 min walk from Hiroo and Best Living Japan Studio Rental, Tokyo Rental kitchenShirogane Takanawa stations. We also offering Tokyo Kids cooking birthday parties.. All adult cooking and crafting classes are here.

Looking for party decoration? Our go to stores in Tokyo are Flying Tiger and Kishi Party Store.

  • Our space is about 56 square meters (600 square feet) and comes with a private bathroom.
  • Our studio was designed by Moms for Families. Clean, modern and easy to use.Best Living Japan Studio Rental, Tokyo Rental Kitchen
  • We have combined the functionality of a commercial teaching kitchen with an at home family feel.
  • Comfortable seating for up to 20 people at a table or up to 30 standing.
  • Rentals include all linens (dishtowels, aprons), garbage bags, cleaning supplies and use of all kitchen equipment, glasses and serving ware.
  • We have a 4-burner commercial stove/oven..
  • We also have six portable burners for countertop cooking demos. See detailed list of equipment and serving wear below.

Best Living Japan Rental Studio RatesBest Living Japan Studio Rental, Tokyo Rental kitchen

  • Rates are 40,000 yen ( plus 10% tax and payment fees) for 5 hours, 70,000 yen (plus 10% tax and payment fees) for the day (9:00 – 21:30)
  • Rental time slots are:  9:00 – 14:00 / 15:00 – 20:00.  The Studio is available to rent 7 days a week.
  • All clean-up must be completed by departure time. Garbage must be sorted burnable, non-burnable and recycle. If the amount of garbage exceeds existing garbage cans, a fee of 500 yen will be charged per 45L bag.

Please email us if you would like to rent the kitchen, schedule a  tour or have questions (  Thank you!

Best Living Japan Studio RentalStudio Equipment List (we are continuing to add equipment so ask if we have or may not be updated on this list)


  1. 3 meter long counter with under counter fridge and freezer and professional gas stove
  2. Six stainless steel work stations on casters
  3. 180 X 90 table tops (cooking and craft tops are different) – can be used on top of workstations to make tables
  4. 15 chairs and 5 stools
  5. Projector
  6. TV with HDMI hook-up
  7. Bathroom (toilet and sink)

Cooking Equipment

  1. Four burner gas range with stove
  2. Six portable gas burners
  3. Microwave
  4. Toaster OvenBest Living Japan Studio Rental
  5. Food Processor
  6. Electric Juicer
  7. Standing Mixer
  8. Blender
  9. 2 rice cookers
  10. 5 frying pans
  11. 3 woks
  12. 5 sauce pots
  13. 2 stock pot
  14. 10 strainers
  15. salad spinner
  16. 10+ mixing bowls
  17. 2 muffin tins
  18. 4 pie dishes
  19. 2 loaf baking dishes
  20. 2 baking sheets
  21.  4 pizza stones
  22. 3 deep pans
  23. 10 chopping knives
  24. 10 pairing knives
  25. 12 kids chopping knives
  26. 10 chopping boards
  27. Sets of 5 of all major kitchen hand tools – whisks, cooking chopsticks, graters, peelers etc.Best Living Japan Studio Rental

Serving Items

  1. Six trays
  2. Three water pitchers
  3. Tea and Coffee carafe
  4.  20 rice bowls
  5. 20 square plates
  6. 20 round white plates
  7. 20 white soup bowls
  8. 20 Japanese soup bowls
  9. 20 ramen bowls
  10. 20 soy sauce dishes
  11. 20 small Japanese dishes for side dishes
  12. 20 wine glasses
  13. 20 glasses
  14.  20+ tea cups
  15. 20 coffee cups
  16. Eating utensils, chopsticks
  17. 20 placemats

Please email us if you would like to rent the kitchen, schedule a  tour or have questions (  Thank you!

Other information on the Best Living Japan Studio

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Best Living Japan Studio Rental



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