Best Living Japan Advertising and Partnerships

At Best Living Japan we love working with like-minded partners to develop family relative Japan based content that is useful, exciting and fun for our  community. Our motto is Discover, Create, Learn and all content needs to embrace those themes.  We can work with you on targeted advertorial, event promotion, and integrated sponsored listings.  Talk to us about developing a program for your business or organization. 

Work with Best Living Japan

We believe that content is key, and the Best Living Japan voice is our most powerful tool for generating strong relationships between clients and readers. We know what our audience wants and we create interesting and engaging narratives that are honest and to the point. We seamlessly integrate brand partners throughout our site to ensure that advertorials are just as exciting as editorials, and only work with brands we love… because we know our recommendations are valuable to our readers. Our social media presence allows us to reach thousands of Tokyoites and enhances our relationship with our audience and the Best Living Japan content experience. We cover travel, home, health, wine & dine, art and design, and everything else we think our hundreds of thousands of local and expat readers will love. Our reader engagement is unparalleled and we have a proven track record of happy clients who are always coming back for more. If you think we can support your new business, brand or event in an upcoming promotional campaign then we want to hear from you! Send an email to our helpful team and we will be in touch. For more information, or to request a media kit, please email us at PARTNERSHIPS@BESTLIVINGJAPAN.COM