Autumn Foliage in Tokyo – 8 Best Locations

Autumn Foliage in TokyoLate October through November is great foliage viewing in Tokyo and surrounding areas. Get on your bike or tie on your walking shoes for a full-day or couple hours of foliage touring. I recommend the following eight locations for foliage viewing in autumn. You can bike the entire loop in about 4-6 hours, or pick 1-2 locations for a few hours of walking or biking. Also, note gardens and most parks do not allow bikes, but there are usually bike spots right outside of the main gates.  Either way, all of these locations are delightful! Enjoy!

October and November is also a great time to view Japanese chrysanthemums at Tokyo chrysanthemums festivals.

Autumn Foliage in Tokyo – 8 Best Locations

1. Icho Namiki (Ginkgo Avenue) —  Icho Namiki is not a park but a main street that leads into Meiji Jingu Gaien Park (the Ginko Avenue Autumn Foliage in Japan DSC_1116outer park area). The entire street is lined with Ginko trees which turn a brilliant yellow at peak. This is also a great place to ride your bike or walk your dog. The trees create a magical tunnel that is fun for people of all ages to walk beneath, as well as, a great photo location. Mid to end of November will be very crowded on the weekends so go on Mon-Fri, or early on Sat or Sun. Ginko Avenue is located 3 mins walk from Aoyama- Itchome station on the Ginza or Hanzomon Lines.

2. Yoyogi Park (Yoyogi Koen) — This park is great for biking, jogging or strolling with kids and pets!  Take a lunch purchased from a store in Omotesando and enjoy a picnic on one of the many grassy areas. I especially love visiting Yoyogi Park in the fall and the spring. If you are visiting in the fall, the central lawn area has plenty of foliage, but the best is found on the southern side – venture out. In the spring, you will see gorgeous cherry blossoms all around, but expect crowds. During late March and early April, you will see large groups of people on blue plastic sheets enjoying beer, sake and various foods. Great time to gather some friends and enjoy the blossoms dropping on your head.  Since Yoyogi Park is next to Meiji Jingu Shrine, you can spend a few hours enjoying the area. Yoyogi Park is also a popular weekend venue for festivals and markets organized by Embassies, government grounds and non-for-profits.
open times: 5:00 to 20:00 (until 17:00 from mid October through April)
 2-1-1 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
5 min walk from Harajuku Sta. on the Yamanote Line
entry cost: 

Autumn Foliage in Tokyo, Shinjuku Gyoen Park3. Shinjuku Park (Shinjuku Gyoen) — Shinjuku Gyoen is a 58.3 ha(144 acres) in size and a circumference of 3.5 km park which has three blended styles of French Formal, English Landscape and Japanese Traditional.  Shinjuku Park autumn foliage includes chrysanthemums in the Japanese garden and colorful Momijiyama (maples) throughout the park.  Please note no bikes, nor pets are allowed in the park.
open times: everyday 9:00-16:30 (last entry 16:00) closed 12/29-1/1
address: 11 Naito-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
phone: 03-3350-0151
access: There are three gates (Sendagaya gate, Okido gate and Shinjuku gate)

    • Sendagaya gate is a 5 min walk from Sendagaya Sta. on the JR Sobu Line, or Kokuritsu Kyogijyo Sta. on the Oedo Line
    • Okido gate is a 5 min walk from Shinjuku Gyoen Mae Sta. on the Marunouchi Line
    • Shinjuku gate is a 10 min walk from Shinjuku Sta. on the JR, Keio, Odakyu and Seibu Lines

entry cost: adult 200JPY, child 50JPY

**** Autumn Foliage in Tokyo ****

4. Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens – This is one of my favorite Autumn foliage spots in Tokyo. The garden is a traditional Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens Autumn Foliage in TokyoJapanese garden with three main ponds. The main pond is surrounded by dozens of maples that are a colour chart of reds and oranges in late November.
open times: everyday 9:00-17:00 (last entry 16:30) closed 12/29-1/1
address: 1-6-6 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
access:3 mins walk from Idabashi Sta. on the Toei Oedo Line
entry cost:general 300JPY, over 65  150JPY

5. Rikugien Garden — This garden not only offers some beautiful autumn foliage in Tokyo, but is a great stroll with up and down Rikugien Garden Autumn Foliage in Japansmall mountains and ponds. The ups and downs allow the visitor magnificent views down onto the foliage, ponds and bridges. I recommend you go later in the day as the sun is going down for the best light.
Also from November 20th to December 7th there is a night light-up on the leaves; the garden will stay open until 20:30.
open times: everyday 9:00-17:00 (last entry 16:30) closed 12/29-1/1
address: 6-16-3 Hon-komagome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
phone: 03-3941-2222
access: 7 mins walk from Komagome Sta. on the JR Yamanote or Namboku Lines
entry cost: general 300JPY, over 65  150JPY

**** Autumn Foliage in Tokyo ****

6. Kiyosumi Garden — This garden is a hidden gem in Tokyo. It offers beautiful views for the adult visitor, but also plenty of wildlife for the children. My son loved the pond teaming with turtles, heron and huge, huge carp. The little beverage store at the Kiyosumi Garden Autumn Foliage in Japanentryway sells food for the wildlife. The garden is edged in maple trees which are magnificent this time of year. Kiyosumi Garden Autumn Foliage in Japan
open times: everyday 9:00-17:00 (last entry 16:30) closed 12/29-1/1
address: 3-3-9 Kiyosumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
phone: 03-3641-5892
access: 10 min walk from Kiyosumi Shirakawa station (Exit A3) on the Oedo subway line Exit A3 or the Hanzomon subway line (Exit A3)Oedo/Hanazono lines
entry cost: general 150JPY, over 65  70JPY

7. Hama-rikyu Garden — Hama Rikyu is a beautiful and large landscape garden in central Tokyo. The Hama-rikyu Gardens Autumn Foliage in japangarden is located at the mouth of the Sumida River, and the moats and ponds are feed by the sea water which changes levels with the tides. There is also a great tea house in the middle of the garden where you can enjoy a break viewing the beautiful garden set against the backdrop of  the new skyscrapers of Shiodome.
open times: everyday 9:00-17:00 (last entry 16:30) closed 12/29-1/1
address: 1-1 Hama-Rikyu Teien, Chuo-ku
phone: 03-3541-0200
access: 7 mins walk from Shiodome Sta. & Tsukiji-Shijo Sta. on the Toei Oedo line
entry cost: general 300JPY, over 65  150JPY

**** Autumn Foliage in Tokyo ****

8. Kyu-shiba Riyu Garden — This garden is over 400 years old and was originally built on the shores of Tokyo bay with sea  Kyu-shiba Riyu Gardens Autumn Foliage in japanwater flowing in and out.  The garden is wrapped around a large pond which is a leisurely walk for all ages. There are some beautiful maple trees that edge the garden.
open times: everyday 9:00-17:00 (last entry 16:30) closed 12/29-1/1
address: 1-4-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
phone: 03-3434-4029
access: 1 min walk from Hamamatsucho Sta. north exit on the JR Yamanote
entry cost: general 150JPY, over 65  70JPY


BonusGo Hiking at Mt Takao – A one hour train ride from central Tokyo. Mt. Takao has been a location of worship for more than 1,000 years. The main temple Yakuoin is located near the summit and is a popular place for visitors to pray for Shinto-Buddist mountain gods (tengu). There are two statues of these Tengu gods at the temple; one with a very long nose and one with a crow beak. You will see many statues and references to the Tengu all over the mountain and in the omiyage (gifts to take home).


Autumn Foliage in Tokyo – 8 Best Locations


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