Bunbuku Izakaya

Banzai-yu Bathhouse to Bunbuku Izakaya (Mita, Minato-ku) – Fun Family Dinning

Banzai-yu Bathhouse to Bunbuku Izakaya (分福)  is a fun family dining experience that is a great place to take visitors who want to experience a historical piece of Japan. Historically all neighborhoods have a local Sento (bathhouse); however, with fewer patrons, many have closed their doors. Banzai-yu located in Mita near Keio University campus closed its doors to bathers in May of 2016 but has reinvented its facilities into a fun eating environment. If you are looking for quintessential “Japan” eating experiences to take the family or visitors to try some of our other favorites; Zauo, Pokemon CafeMonster Cafe, Tonkatsu Maisen, Ukai, and Kikkoman Live Kitchen.

Banzai-yu Bathhouse to Bunbuku Izakaya (Mita, Minato-ku) – Fun Family Dinning


Many of the original baths and artwork are still in place, so you get the feel of what it was once like as a sento. As you eat, you can view the old painting of Mt. Fuji which was drawn by Morio Nakajima who is a well know Sento artist.  Bunbuku Izakaya serves standard izakaya fair from fried chicken, sashimi, nabe (hot pot), yakitori and more. Even the pickiest eater will find something. We went with a party of four, and the bill ran about 4,500 yen per person for a few drinks and basic Izakaya fair for dinner.  If you go with kids, ask for a bathtub seating since the kids will enjoy the view and also be a little more “contrasted in mobility.”

Bunbuku/ 分福 Details
Address:  Shiba 5-23-16, Minato-ku, Tokyo (google maps)
Phone: 03-6453-7189 (+81-3-6453-7189)
Hours: Monday – Friday 17:00  – 24:00, Saturday lunch 11:30 – 14:00
Access: 5-min walk from JR Tamachi station on the Yamanote Line

Banzai-yu Bathhouse to Bunbuku Izakaya (Mita, Minato-ku) – Fun Family Dinning





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