How to Do a Furikomi (Bank Transfer) in Japan

It is really important to learn how to do a furikoi (bank transfer) in Japan as soon as you arrive. Furikomi (お振り込み / お振込) is an electronic funds transfer between your bank account and a recipient. Many banks have upgraded their ATMs to offer this service in English however some only offer the service in Japanese.

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What is needed for Furikomi?

  • Cash Card
  • Name of recipient
  • Name of recipient bank (銀行 / ginkou)
  • Bank branch name (支店 / shiten)
  • Bank account number (口座番号 / kouza bangou)
  • Type of account, typically regular account (普通 / futsuu)

* You will need a basic understanding of katakana and should know the kanji for the bank name and branch you`re transferring funds to. Also a small transaction fee is charged to your account when transferring to a different bank.

How to Do a Furikomi (Bank Transfer) in Japan

Below is a general guide to help you complete a furikomi (bank transfer). Please note that this example is for SMBC. You can still use this guide, however the procedure and layout of your bank’s ATM may be different.

1. On the main screen select お振り込み / お振込 (transfer). The button is in the first column second from the top.

2. You`ll get a screen prompt warning you of possible fraud. It asks if 1) You were asked by relatives for the transfer by phone and 2. if this is a transfer to an unknown person. If you answered yes to either question select the purple あてはまる button. Otherwise, press the green あてはまらない button. This is to confirm you are aware of who you`re sending money to, and not to send money to strange accounts.

3. You are given the following options (Options vary depending on the bank). In this example we will make a transfer using our cash card, the first button..

カード –  transfer via cash card

現金  – cash transfer

現金と振込帳 – transfer by cash and transfer book

カードと振込帳 – cards and transfer books

振込カード Transfer card – transfer by transfer card

4. Insert your cash card then enter your 4 digit PIN.

5. Enter the amount. Instead of typing a number of zeros you can use the 万 button (amount * 10,000) or the 千 button (amount * 1000). Then press 確認 /confirm (bottom right button) when you are done. If you make a mistake use ー文字戻る button to delete.

6. The next screen will ask if it`s ok to use your cash card account name for the transfer. Click はい.

*** How to Do a Furikomi (Bank Transfer) in Japan ***

7. Then select the Payee (these were saved in earlier transactions). If your payee is not listed then move on to #8. If your payee is listed, select the correct payee button. The screen will then take you to #13 to review the information on the transaction. Press 確認 /confirm then voila, you`re done!

8. Type in your recipient bank name. Input the first two or three katakana characters to pull up a bank list. If you don`t see your bank name then click the その他 / other button.

9. Select the recipient bank

9. Then type the first characters of the bank branch

10. It will then ask for the account type:

普通 – Ordinary/General Account

当座 – Current Account

貯蓄 – Savings Account

*** How to Do a Furikomi (Bank Transfer) in Japan ***

11. Input recipient account number. If the account number doesn`t exist it will end your transfer and your cash card will come out.

12. If the account number goes through it will ask if you want to register the recipient’s account. If you plan to transfer cash to this account often click 登録する. If this is a one time transfer then click  登録しない.

13. Finally you`ll look over the transaction to see if everything is ok. If there is an error, click the orange 訂正 button change the error. If everything looks good then click the green 確認 button.

*** How to Do a Furikomi (Bank Transfer) in Japan ***

To Sum it Up

1. Select お振り込み / お振込 (transfer)
2. Select カード  / cash card for a direct account transfer
3. Insert your cash card in the machine then enter your PIN
4. Enter the amount to be transferred
5. Select はい to record your cash card name on the transfer receipt
6. Select recipient (saved from earlier transactions)
7. Go over the details then click 確認 / confirm.

Useful Vocabulary

English Kanji – Hiragana romanji
bank transfer 振込  –  ふりこみ furikomi
bank 銀行  – ぎんこう ginkou
account 口座  – こうざ kouza
regular deposit 普通預金  – ふつうよきん futsuyokin
return to beginning 始めに戻る – はじめにもどる hajimeni modoru
go back 前に戻る – まえにもどる mae ni modoru
cash 現金 – げんきん genkin
cancel 取り消し- とりけし torikeshi
correction 訂正 – ていせい teisei
confirm 確認 – かくにん kakunin

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How to Do a Furikomi (Bank Transfer) in Japan


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