Tokyo Urban Garden Planting Calendar – Autumn

Tokyo Urban Garden Planting Calendar – Autumn.

Whether you`re an accomplished gardener or a novice, gardening is a great opportunity to partner with Mother Nature and bond with family and friends. Gardening teaches patience, care and offers a pathway to better health and nutrition.

Our advice for novice gardeners is to start small and simple. Begin with easy to grow foods like herbs, lettuce and spinach; review our tips on Balcony Gardening, and get started. If starting this Autumn we recommend you protect your plants from the cold with these vinyl greenhouses that you can purchase at D2 Home Center in Mita or on Amazon Japan. D2 also carries a nice selection of seedlings, seasonal seed showcase and a variety of planters and soil. Stop in and start your urban garden today.

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***** Tokyo Urban Garden Planting Calendar *****

Japanese Hiragana Romanji English Plant Harvest
白菜 はくさい hakusai  Chinese cabbage  Aug – Sept  Oct – Dec
キャベジ きゃべじ cabbage  cabbage  June – Aug  Oct – Dec
 ”     “  ”    “  ”    “  ”    “  Sept – Oct  April – June
大根 だいこん daikon  radish  end Aug – Sept  Oct – Jan (next year)
ブロッコリ ぶろっこり burakkori  broccoli  July – Aug  end Oct – Jan (next year)
小松菜 こまつな komatsuna  Japanese mustard spinach  Mar – Nov  end April – April
ちんげん菜 ちんげんさい chingensai  bok choy  Mar – Nov  end April – April
タマネギ たまねぎ tamanegi  onion  Sept  June – July (next year)
ほうれん草 ほれんそう horensou  spinach  Aug – Nov  Aug – April (next year)
エンドウ えんどう endou  snap peas  Oct – early Dec  April – June (next year)
いちご いちご ichigo  strawberry  Sept – Nov  Oct – Nov (the following year)
”   “ ”   “ ”   “  ”  “  Feb – April  April – July (the following year)
ブルーベリー ぶるーべりー buru-beri-  blueberry  Sept-Nov or Feb-May  June – Aug

Tokyo Urban Garden Planting Calendar Tokyo Urban Garden Planting Calendar


Tokyo Urban Garden Planting Calendar – Autumn


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