ALZE Rotisserie Chicken (Minami Azabu & Roppongi, Tokyo) – Eat-in or Takeout

If you are craving roasted chicken for lunch or dinner Alze rotisserie chicken in Minami-Azabu or Roppongi, Tokyo is delicious and convenient. I can close my eyes now and remember the delicious smell!  Jiji (83), Baby (3) and I had a relaxing lunch that suited everyone’s palates. Alze offers various appetizers, ALZE Rotisserie Chicken 1roasted chicken, salads, and a few kinds of pasta. The recently added chicken “humburger” is also quite popular. Alze Roppongi (across from the Grand Hyatt) opened in 2014, and the Minami-Azabu (across from the New Sanno Hotel) opened in July ALZE Rotisserie Chicken 22015 and both branches are proving quite popular with health-conscious and hungry Japanese and foreigners.

ALZE Rotisserie Chicken

Both branches have a few tables and also a counter area which you can relax and enjoy a leisurely lunch. Alze also has a selection of beers and wine to enjoy ALZE Rotisserie Chicken 3in the evening or at a late afternoon break. We started our meal with the fried gnocchi that everyone enjoyed a bit too quickly. Jiji ordered the pasta that was cooked just right. The combo roasted chicken plate with two pieces was just enough for Baby and I. I loved the side order of onion rice and homemade pickles. The combo roasted chicken plate with a drink and dessert was 1,000 JPY.  ALZE Rotisserie Chicken 4

The roasted whole chickens and meals are a big take out item for Alze Rotisserie Chicken. One whole roasted chicken is 2,300 yen, and can be ordered on site, or you can call in your order and have it waiting for you. Definitely will be using the takeout service soon.

ALZE Rotisserie Chicken Details
Address: 4-14-1 Minami Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6450-2628
Business Hours: Everyday 11:00 – 0:00
Access: 8 min walk from Hiroo station on the Hibiya LineALZE Rotisserie Chicken 5

ALZE Rotisserie Chicken 6**********

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ALZE Rotisserie Chicken

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