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Aburiyaki Sushi An

Aburiyaki Sushi An, XEX (Daikanyama, Tokyo) – Shared Terrace

Aburiyaki Sushi An


It`s a rarity in Tokyo to dine and be served with different cuisines from two excellent restaurants. XEX Daikanyama does just that. Located on the rooftop of the popular baby and kids` product mall, La Fuente, XEX Daikanyama (ゼックス 代官山) offers a unique international dining experience. Enjoy Italian dining at Salvatore Cuomo Bros, fresh sushi at Aburiyaki & Sushi An, and cocktails at their New York style bar and terrace.

I was craving Japanese food and stopped in Aburiyaki & Sushi An for a bite. Their bilingual host gave me the option to dine in their intimate Kyoto-style restaurant or at The XEX Bar with a beautiful view of their water terrace. I opted for the latter. I was seated next to a table with two patrons, one dining on Aburiyaki Sushi An Italian from Salvatore Cuomo Bros and the other with Sushi from Aburiyaki Sushi An. A great idea for those who want to dine together, but with different meals.

Aburiyaki Sushi An Aburiyaki & Sushi An serves healthy lunch sets; fresh Market fish, assorted Sashimi, Meat or Japanese Hamburg , Minced Tuna Rice Bowl and Soba. Most sets come with a small appetiser, Japanese pickles, Miso soup, rice, a mini dessert and drink bar (1000 yen – 1320 yen), and is served with Kimono-wearing waitresses. 

The interior of Sushi An takes the patrons back to Kyoto with dim
Sushi Anlighting, minimal furnishings, and service from Kimono wearing servers. A beautiful spot for an intimate date night. Lunch is baby and kid-friendly with table or tatami room seating.

Stop into one of the five additional XEX locations in Tokyo for a unique dining experience.

Aburiyaki & Sushi An Details:

Address: 3F, La Fuente Daikanyama 11-1 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (〒150-0033 東京都渋谷区猿楽町11-1ラ・フェンテ代官山3F)
Phone: 03-3476-0065
Business hours: Lunch 11:30-15:00; Dinner 17:30-24:00 Daily
Access: A 3-min walk from the North Exit of Daikanyama Station
Website: http://www.xexgroup.jp/en/daikanyama/an
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xexinfo
Twitter: https://twitter.com/xexinfo

Aburiyaki Sushi An Aburiyaki Sushi An Aburiyaki Sushi An Sushi An


Aburiyaki Sushi An – XEX Daikanyama


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