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Welcome to Best Living Japan.com!

Best Living Japan (ベストリビングジャパン) provides Japan-specific lifestyle information for globally minded families. We share activities, events and information that we believe is useful and fun for families living in Japan. We are not “experts” on Japan, we are two moms who have combined six children ages (20-5 years), and over 25 years living in Japan.  We are sharing what we love about Japan. If you have a community event to share please submit at this link to be considered for promotion on Best Living Japan. We also work with other contributors to share their content on BestLivingJapan!

Our motto is Learn, Laugh and Live! – Lauren & Sandra


Lauren Bliss Kawasaki  (川﨑ブリス ローレン)

kawasaki family
Kawasaki Family – Fall 2015

Hello,  I am an American mother of four curious and creative kids (nursery, elementary, middle and high school) and one very supportive husband who is a Japan native. In total, I have lived in Japan for 18 years (over three stints). For the past 20+ years, I have been on the corporate track; gaining an MBA from Harvard Business School, working brand management at Clorox, helping to start BabyCenter.com and finally working 14 years at Amazon.com and .jp. In 2014, I retired from corporate life and am now a totally happy stay-at-home-mom and budding entrepreneur. Best Living Japan is me following my passion and sharing it with others. I hope that you enjoy the information provided. If you see me biking, yelling at my kids, or walking my dog stop me and say hello.


Sandra Takada     (高田 サンドラ)

takada family
Takada Family – Fall 2015

Hi, I`m an asian-American mother of two little ones (nursery & kindergarten) living in Tokyo. I studied software engineering in the U.S.. After 5 years of programming & consulting I took a sabbatical year and moved to Japan, traveled around Asia, and met my husband in Tokyo. I gave birth to my son in 2011 and founded a web-blog called Tokyo Stroller soon after. In late June 2015 Tokyo Stroller merged with Best Living Japan. I could not be more excited about the partnership, and I hope you are too.

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Learn, Laugh and Live!

Lauren & Sandra


About Best Living Japan


  1. This is going to be absolutely fantastic and fun for me to read! Way to get creative Lauren! I will definitely be watching this space! Thanks for sharing! – Lucy

  2. Very Informative and a pleasure to read. Lots of places to visit and explore!! Can’t wait for the next additions! Well Done Lauren!!!

  3. This is going to be a fantastic resource. Thanks so very much. Looking forward to your perspectives.

  4. Terrific idea! Hope to visit one day and this will give me a great head start. Bravo!!!

  5. Thanks Lauren! Great ideas!

  6. Congrats….will be fun to live Japan vicariously through you. Of course we always hope you make it back to SF some time!

  7. Thanks all for their positive feedback and support. Still a lot more to work! Keep following Best Living Japan!

  8. A new friend shared your sight today. We are empty nesters having moved back here to Tokyo one month ago. We previously lived in Tokyo 30 years ago for 3 year working for GM. Now back for a one year business assignment for my husband, I am anxious to follow your site and hopefully pick up some ideas for enjoying life in Tokyo.

  9. Lina - Love of unique crafts

    Hello Lauren,
    Like many others I do also like your site as I’m frequently travelling into Tokyo for business and staying there for extended periods. Its not always easy to get started in a new city, I mean after first week or so exploring, you start to need proper tips and tricks to really open every city. Having personal guides (e.g. not commercially focused) like yours helps greatly as its far easier to trust and relate to.. Great job!

  10. Hi .. Loved reading your blog and happy to get all the useful and most needed information.. Thankx a ton

  11. Dear Lauren and Sandra,

    We ask you to promote our annual Swedish Christmas Bazaar! As you did last year.

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards

  12. Hi Lauren: I was giving your name by Beth Cohen. She used to live in Tokyo. She said she’s stayed at your Airbnb after moving back to the States. Beth highly recommended getting in touch with you about staying there. My husband, adult son & I are planning our first trip to Japan in October 2018. We would like to stay in your Airbnb while in Tokyo, but we have been unable to book through Airbnb. All dates seem blocked. We haven’t booked flights yet & are flexible. Do you have any availability? Please let me know. If not, any other recommendations? We’re first timers to Japan & were really hoping to connect with with you. Love this website!! Many thanks! Sharyn Zuch

  13. Hi Lauren & Sandra,

    We are wondering whether we could ask you to post various summer programs that our
    school offers on your website.
    If so, please let us know how we go about it.

    Thank you and looking forward to your reply.


  14. Dear Lauren and Sandra,
    I love bestliving japan, so helpful for our family to explore living in Japan.

  15. Dear HIMAWARI
    I would like to communicate with you through email to follow up a case that you recommended to me a clinic (TOSHIMA CLINIC) claims with doctors that speak English. This turned out to be NOT.
    Please contact me via email and I will tell your the entire story. I hope you can help me to solve a problem
    Thank you very much in advance
    Shing LAU

  16. Hi Best Living Japan,

    I’m a freelance photo editor working with AFAR media on an upcoming online guide to Tokyo.

    One of the entries in the guide will be Ito-ya Paper Shop and I found some wonderful photos in an article on your site and I’m wondering if you would be willing to send us some of your photos so we could select one to use in our guide? Here’s the link to the article: http://bestlivingjapan.com/itoya-ginza-flagship-store-tokyo/

    Would you please contact me at kategiel@gmail.com so that I may give you project details? Thanks much, hope to hear from you soon.

    All best,


    Kate Giel
    Freelance Photo Editor, AFAR Media

  17. I am so happy to meet you Lauren and learn about your website. Your website has information for helping me navigate and enjoy Tokyo all that Tokyo has to offer. I wish I had known about this site four years ago when I arrived in Tokyo.

    • Hi Tamara, Thank you for the positive feedback. We also love your twitter account “The Noisy Librarian”. Also thanks so much for getting my daughter to love books and reading at ASIJ!

  18. Kristie (Kirsten) Russell

    Hi Lauren!

    Happy New Year and hope all is well! Greetings from Farmington and Boston. Got your website address from your parents’ recent Christmas Card. Hoping you can respond to my email address below.


    Kristie Russell
    Former Resident of 77 Reservoir Rd

  19. Hello,
    My name is Chiaki Watanabe, Japanese native living in Copenhagen via New York (originally from Tokyo).
    I am looking for a venue/studio space to do my Japanese art inspired calligraphy art workshop in Tokyo this summer during July to early September. It will be held in English and it is for children and adults.
    I saw your site and I am interested in your studio for my workshop.
    Please let me know details if your studio is available.
    My link : asobolab.net

    Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

    Chiaki of ASOBO LAB


  20. Hello,
    Myself, my husband and our twin four year olds will be living near Ookayama station near the Tokyo Institute of Technology starting on April 1. We’re a family that travels internationally frequently, and we’ll be in Tokyo for 2 months. I’d love to find some local kids and parents who speak English to meet up with. Can you tell me which groups I should be contacting? I’ve never been to Japan and don’t know the area.
    Thank you,

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