ABC Cooking Studio Kids` Class

The ABC Cooking Studio in Futakotamaga offers kids` cooking classes that change monthly (Japanese language). This month they are offering a `Kapibara` curry bread making session till February 28th. Capybaras, which are native to South America, are deemed the biggest rodent on earth. They are gentle herbivores who love to soak in onsens and can be found in various merchandise and zoos across Japan. Kids aged 4-12 years will make 3 fried `Kapibara` breads with quail eggs and corn in curry-flavored mashed potatoes to take home (Kapibara Mama, Papa & Baby). Reserve your spot online.

Items to take with you are kids` indoor shoes/slippers, apron and hand towel. If you don`t own or forget an apron you can rent one for 100-300 yen (price depends on the studio). At the studio remove all shoes and wear slippers. Follow the instructor to the back for kids to place their shoes and bag in cubbies then, kids wear their apron and wash their hands. Parents/Guardians are to pay for the session at that time then say good-bye. The class is 105 minutes. Parents can wait in the strip mall next door which houses the baby-friendly Muji Cafe, BillsFlying Tiger and Gap.

Please note there is a “no photography” sign outside the Futakotamagawa studio window for onlookers. Parents/Guardians are allowed to take photos when the kids have finished decorating their bread.

ABC Cooking Studio Kids Class Futakotamagawa Details:

Address: 2-27-8 Futakotamagawa, Setagaya-ku. Tamagawa Takashimaya 東京都世田谷区玉川2-27-8玉川髙島屋S・Cケヤキコート1F
Phone: 03-5491-8411
Business Hours: Monday – Friday 10:00-22:00 Saturday, Sunday & Holidays: 10:00-21:00
Notes: Kids` lessons depend on the studio. Please check the website for kids classes near you.

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ABC Cooking Studio Kids` Class


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