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What open in Tokyo Japan during the COVID-19 CORONA VIRUS SHUTDOWN

Moms are sharing Corona Virus Kyoto, Osaka & Nagoya OPEN & Closures (COVID-19 Kyoto, Osaka & Nagoya OPEN & Closures). Are you waking up in Kyoto, Osaka or Nagoya with kids and no school for March 2020? Our friends are! I know we are also supposed to stay home, but …

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Three Days in Kyoto with Kids

Kyoto with Kids Itinerary

Kyoto with Kids is great edutainment. Kyoto the ancient capital is filled with history and art, but has all the coolness of today. We recommend three days in Kyoto but if you only have one you can still accomplish so much! Here are is our recommended three days in Kyoto …

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Ninja Kyoto Restaurant and Labyrinth, Kyoto

ninja kyoto

*** CLOSED on December 31st, 2018 *** Please visit their Tokyo locations in Akasaka & Shinjuku.  Ninja Kyoto Restaurant and Labyrinth is the perfect place for dining entertainment and ninja fans. The restaurant is designed as a dark labyrinth staffed with multilingual ninja warriors. Patrons have the option to dine …

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J-Cycle Kyoto Bicycle Rental – Best Way to Travel Kyoto

J-Cycle Kyoto Bicycle Rental

Biking is the easiest and most economical way to get around Kyoto, so don’t delay rent a bike today from J-Cycle Kyoto Bicycle rental. They have simple single gear to electrically assisted with and without child seats. A great bike rental service who will provide you with helmets, phone holders, …

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Umekoji Collabo, Kyoto – Family-Friendly Organic Restaurant

Umekoji Collabo

Umekoji Collabo organic restaurant focuses on fresh vegetables purchased every morning from contract farmers in the northern area of Kyoto. This family-friendly restaurant is non-smoking, has Japanese reading books and toys for little ones and is the perfect spot to grab a meal after a day at Umekoji Park, the Kyoto Railway Museum or the Kyoto …

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Kaleidoscope Museum, Kyoto – Boutique Museum for Hands-On Fun

Kaleidoscope Museum, Kyoto

Kaleidoscopes do not pop to mind when one says Kyoto, but the Kaleidoscope Museum (京都万華鏡ミュージアム姉小路館) is a great place to visit for an hour if your kids are “templed out” or if the weather calls for an indoor activity.  The one room museum has 20-30 kaleidoscopes that are from all …

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Kodomo Miraikan, Kyoto – Free Indoor Playcenter

Kodomo Miraikan, Kyoto

Kodomo Miraikan (こども未来館) in  Kyoto is a government run community center which has a super fun free indoor play area, family friendly casual restaurant for lunch and a library. It is conveniently located in central Kyoto and opens at 9:00, so perfect for kids who are up and ready early!Kodomo …

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Tokyo & Kyoto Cherry Blossom Illuminations 2019

Tokyo Family Activities

Cherry blossoms will be in full bloom over the next two weeks. We love taking morning walks under the cherry blossoms, but nothing beats the evening illuminated petals of white and pinks against the dark sky. Grab a plastic sheet to throw on the ground, your jacket and some warming …

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What is Tanabata? – July 7th


Tanabata is celebrated on July 7th in Japan. Celebrate with your family! Buy a branch of bamboo, some cute origami paper, and write and tie wishes to decorate. Learn, go and make Tanabata! Remember July 7th.  Learn about Tanabata   The History – (content edited version of Wikipedia) Tanabata (七夕, meaning “Evening …

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Top 10+ Tokyo Restaurants with Terrace Seating

Eataly Harajuku, Terrace Eating in Tokyo, Tokyo Restaurants with patios, Tokyo restaurants with outdoor eating

Summer has arrive so to stay cool and get fresh air here are our Top 10+ Tokyo restaurants with terrace seating. Water views, city views and garden views all with great food.  We have visited each location and personally recommend. Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the …

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Things to do in Tokyo with Kids During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Here are some helpful apps, podcasts, and ideas to help parents survive as schools are closed for many globally in March, this month! If you have additional ideas, please add below. Click here for Tokyo & Yokohama OPEN & CLOSED Attractions due to Coronavirus (COVID-19),    OR   here for KYOTO …

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Open Attractions in Tokyo March 2020

Don’t let the Corona Virus (COVID-19) stop all the fun in Tokyo! Here are some open attraction in Tokyo. March is one of our favorite months in Tokyo, with warm weather and flowers.  We are hopeful that by the end of March, our Tokyoite lives will be back to normal. …

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Bamboo Recipes – Spring Shun!

Bamboo recipes

Spring in Japan is the season of bamboo and bamboo recipes. I adore cooking with bamboo which is so versatile, high in fiber and low in calories.  Bamboo shoots are a very seasonal vegetable, available in all supermarkets and vegetable shops between March and May. You can also purchase vacuum …

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Tokyo International School Closures and Important Links

Prime Minister Abe announced that all schools in Japan should close effective Monday, March 2nd, 2020, until April 2020. Here is a list of International School’s decisions. We will update as details are announced. If you have information on your international school please leave a comment below. If you are …

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Japan road trip essentials

We have a standard Family Packing list for all our trips in Japan: Beach Vacation, Flights with Toddlers, and our favorite – Road Trips! We use this list for our Day Trips from Tokyo and longer stays in Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Saga & Nagasaki. Here are some Japanese snack foods and …

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Fukuoka with Kids Best Living Japan

Here is the 1st day of our week-long road trip through Kyushu. Take a short 2 hour flight from Tokyo Haneda to Fukuoka airport or 5 hour bullet train ride to Hakata Station. We recommend renting a small car to drive around Kyushu’s best locations.  Here are also our packing …

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