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TELL Exceptional Parenting Program

TELL Exceptional Parenting Program – Saturday, Jan 21, 2017 – Register Now!

If you are living in the Tokyo area and have kids you should attend the TELL Exceptional Parenting Programs – the next program is Saturday, January 21st and is focused on how to lead mindful lifestyles to reduce stress and anxiety. TELL (Tokyo English Life Line) runs the Exceptional Parenting Program (EPP) workshop series each school year to support global parents on a wide-range of topics. There is no attendance fee, but donations of 1,000 JPY are appreciated.

Incorporating Mindfulness in Your Child’s Everyday Routine

Program details – This workshop will begin with a demonstration of how our body and brain respond to stress using a biofeedback based program. Using computer based “gaming”, we will practice basic mindfulness techniques, particularly those that have shown to be effective for young people, and demonstrate the effectiveness of these techniques on slowing our breathing, heart rate and other physiological responses that are common when experiencing stress. Following the demonstration there will be a discussion on how to incorporate the skills learned into our daily (busy!) lives to combat stress and anxiety and help us to lead a mindful lifestyle throughout childhood and into adulthood.       

Please RSVP to Najwa Waheed Naohara, TELL Outreach Coordinator: excep.parents@telljp.com

About the presenter – Dr. Jaime Hopkins is a clinical psychologist, licensed in the state of Florida. She specializes in the treatment of children and adolescents and has extensive experience consulting with parents and teachers to improve behavior and learning for children in school and at home.While working in Hawaii, she incorporated Mindfulness into the schools as part of a project to reduce stress and improve emotional functioning for students.

Wesley Centre, Room 205, 6-10-11 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062
Website: http://telljp.com/event/epp-teendepression/


The EPP (Exceptional Parenting Program) 

TELL Exceptional Parenting ProgramI have attended quite a few of the EPP programs over the past years and have found each one to be valuable to maintain some sanity in our crazy house!  The Exceptional Parenting Program, which runs from October to May, features six or more presentations by English speakers from a variety of disciplines and takes place at in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo.   The workshops are centered on providing insightful, practical information to increase awareness and understanding of various issues associated with raising and educating a child with learning differences/diverse needs. The workshops are free of charge, but donations are highly appreciated to support future EPP workshops.

TELL Exceptional Parenting Program – Saturday, Jan 21, 2017


TELL Offices
Wesley Center 2F
6-10-11 Minami-Aoyama
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
TEL: 03-4550-1191
FAX: 03-3797-3665


TELL Exceptional Parenting Program


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