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2019 Goal Setting Classes – Determine Your IKIGAI & Set Your Goals


Join the Best Living Japan 2019 Goal Setting Classes to determine your IKIGAI and set your 2019 goals. Work, the family or just you, set goals you can hit! Discover your IKIGAI – your “reason to jump out of bed in the morning” –  in 2019 and create a pathway to a more meaningful life in this 2-part programme.  Ikigai is a Japanese concept focusing on developing a clear life purpose. It that has become increasingly popular internationally and Jennifer Shinkai has customized this programme exclusively for Best Living Japan. The two sessions have been developed to build on each other, so we highly recommend you attend both sessions.  All Goal Setting Classes are 7,500 JP + 8% JP consumption tax. Click here for discount voucher information. Best Living Japan offers cooking, lifestyle, and crafting classes every day. Click here for August-December 2018 courses.

WED. November 14 1:00pm-3:30pmSession 1: Discover your IKIGAI

Using the Points of You® Faces tool, you will generate new awareness around the following four questions to discover your IKIGAI:

What do you love? What are you good at? What can you be paid for? What does the world need?

The sessions build on each other so it is recommended to join both sessions.

WED. November 28 1:00pm-3:30pmSession 2:  Create your path to your IKIGAI

Using the Points of You® Coaching Game, you will create action steps to bridge the gap between your current reality and your ideal future to live your IKIGAI each day. 

The sessions build on each other so it is recommended to join both sessions.

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Introduction to the Teacher

Jennifer Shinkai, MA (Oxon), is a certified Points of You® Trainer and Certified Professional Coach. She is passionate about helping her clients create and communicate change in their lives. 

Through her own career change in 2016, she realized the power of the coaching process to fully explore and recognize your own unique strengths. Jennifer stumbled upon the Points of You® Coaching Game at the Global Summit of Women in Tokyo in 2017 and has found it to be “unexpected but precise” in its ability to unlock new ideas in her clients.  

Originally from the UK with almost 20 years in Japan, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family and joining the dots between her diverse interests to create new connections and ideas. She is known for her energy, enthusiasm and bringing new perspectives to the table.

Jennifer Shinkai website: https://jennifershinkai.com

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