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Best Living Japan’s 2017 Holiday Guide

Here is our 2017 Holiday Guide. We`ve listed everything you need to get a start to the holiday season; where to purchase a christmas tree and decorations, the best Christmas markets, where to see illuminations, and English Christmas church services in Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto and Osaka. Happy Holidays!

2017 Tokyo area meet Santa Claus locations

Tokyo Santa Claus – Top 10 Meet & Greet Locations

It can be a challenge finding Santa in Tokyo, but we have double check the list and can recommend these ten 2017 Tokyo Santa Claus meet & greet locations between now and Christmas.

Tokyo Christmas dinner

Tokyo Christmas Dinner 2017 – Top Holiday Dining Spots 

If you are spending Christmas in the Tokyo area and are looking for a great place to celebrate with some chicken, ham or BBQ we have some great recommendations.

christmas tree

Where to Buy Christmas Trees in Japan

It is easy to get either a real or artificial tree today in Japan. Please see our curated information on where to find a Christmas tree for your home.

Holiday Guide

Top Tokyo Christmas Decoration Stores

Here are our recommended top Tokyo Christmas Decoration Stores. From luxury, handcrafted ornaments to mass market lights and shiny balls you can find what you need for the holiday season.


Tokyo Area 2016 Illuminations

Tokyo Area 2017 Illuminations

Here are our recommended top Tokyo Area 2017 Illuminations picks. Most have started, but some of the best will begin on December 1st. A great time of the year to walk or bike around Tokyo.


Tokyo Christmas Markets

Get into the holiday spirit and stop in one of the Best Tokyo Christmas markets! Bundle up and shop for food and gifts under the illumination.

Tokyo English Christmas Church Services

Tokyo English Christmas Church Services

We have listed seven churches in Tokyo, and a handful in Yokohama, Kyoto and Osaka holding English Christmas Church Services. Make your Christmas even more special with family and friends and visit this Christmas to remember and worship.


Yamashiroya Toy StoreTop 10 Tokyo Toy Stores

If you are looking for a birthday present, holiday gift or a fun travel memorabilia check out our recommended Top 10 Tokyo Toy Stores. Although you can buy almost all of the toys on the market from Amazon.co.jp, there is still something fun about checking out the latest and greatest in person at a brick and mortar store.

Tokyo Ice Skating

Great Ice Skating Locations for Winter 2017 – 2018

Here are our top recommendations for Tokyo Ice Skating Rinks 2017 – 2018. Enjoy the seasonal outside rinks during the winter months, and if the love of skating hits you can continue in one of the year-round rinks located in Tokyo. 



Best Living Japan’s 2017 Holiday Guide

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