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2015 Calendars – Have you bought yours?

Have you purchased your 2015 calendars? In our house, we have the family master calendar, and one for each kid’s room, and mom and dad. The calendars I buy must have Japanese holidays well highlighted! However, we also use Cozi.com, which is a great app for tracking all family member commitments, and emails updates to all members of the family.  If you have not ordered your 2015 here are some great ones you can get in the next day or so from Amazon.co.jp.

Best Living Japan Top 2015 Calendars

#1 This calendar will help decorate any home with Ukiyo-e prints (2,967 yen) throughout 2015. A generous size at 561 × 420 mm, with the days of the month laid out vertically along the right side of each month. Not a lot of space for writing notes, but beautiful!


2015 Calendars

#2. Plain, but practical for a family with many commitments 300 X 295 mm, simple calendar (1,080 yen). This calendar is the right size if you need a large wall calendar which everyone can access. I personally also like having prior month and next month on the same page.


#3.  If you have an outside lover in your family, they will appreciate this calendar. When you are tired of the city, you can find some relief in this calendar. The Splendour of Japanese Mountains (1,512 yen) has 12 beautiful photos showing various mountains across all seasons. Measures 39 x 34 cm.


#4. Although not 100% Japan focused, I do love this great daily calendar for a desk or workspace. Little inspirations each day to make you think about your future! 1,000 Places to See Before You Die (1,829 yen) is fun and engaging, just don’t wait too long to make it happen.



#5. Japan has four beautiful seasons that offer all of us great outdoor vistas and activities. The photos in this calendar titles The Four Seasons of Japan (1,620 yen) are beautiful. Just looking at it will inspire you to go outside, and enjoy Japan more. Measures 594× 420 mm.


#6. If you have children in Japan, you know Guri & Gura! What a better way to teach children about months, days and dates that the Guri & Gura 2015 Calendar (1,300 yen). Measures 36.4 x 25.4 cm.


#7. A larger sized Japan Four Seasons (1,836 yen) at 534 x  385 mm. I am lucky to have visited six of the locations photographed in this calendar, but the remaining six are a great inspiration for 2015’s travel list. Beautiful photography on a large-scale.



#8. For the super organised, or wanting to me more organised, family here is the ultimate calendar. The  Family Calendar (972 yen) is for five members. Each person in the family gets their monthly column of dates. The calendar also comes with fun stickers, and a handy pocket for invitations and other important notes. It measures 480 × 297 ㎜.


#9. If you or someone in your home is a beginner Japanese learner, I highly recommend you buy this Elementary School English Learning Calendar (1,404 yen). This calendar is not just for kids, adults as well, will enjoy learning a Japanese word or expression a day. The good thing about this calendar is that the English words are written in roman characters and kana/hiragana, and the Japanese translations written in hiragana. If the learner knows hiragana than a word a day will be easy. Measures 216 x 300mm.

#10. Although I have a dog and not a cat, this illustrated cat calendar (1,296 yen) is adorable! Every month the cats are participating in a Japanese holiday event or festival; from March girls day, to the Neputa festival in August the cats are having fun! This calendar is great for cat lovers, or people who like illustrations.Measures 535 × 380 ㎜.


Best Living Japan Top 2015 Calendars


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