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100 Yen Store Craft – Simple and Quick DIY Cake Toppers

100 yen store craftAdd a whimsical touch to any birthday cake with this 100 yen store craft idea. This project is really simple and I love that you can create anything you like – your child`s favorite characters, words, numbers, anything at all. Quick, simple and your kids will love it!

100 yen store craftMaterials Needed:

1. Chocolate Icing (various colors)
2. Wax Paper
3. Character Print out

Step 1: Select and Print out character outline then place wax paper on top.

100 yen store craftStep 2: Place the chocolate icing (tip down) in a cup of hot water. After about 30 seconds twist the tip off and fill in the character. Tip: best to fill in the character then outline later.

Step 3: Place the wax paper in the freezer. When the chocolate has solidified peel off and place on top of cake. Easy!


Tokyo Arts and Crafts Supply StoresOur favorite 100 yen store: Daiso (many locations throughout Tokyo and Japan) –Daiso is famous for the their 100 yen and low prices stores. They have over 700 stores now in 25 countries. Daiso is a general merchandiser but has a good selection of craft items such as paper, paints, markers, styrofoam, etc. If you are doing crafts with your kids, this is a great and inexpensive option.  I have been to the store in Ebisu, Harajuku and Shinjuku and have always found a great selection.

Daiso Details 
Address: Great store locator here with all information (only in Japan but has a image map)
Business hours: Typically 10:00 – 21:00 (please double check on the store locator)
Website: (Japanese language only)

P.S. Visit our 100 yen store craft archives for more fun crafts!

100 yen store craft 100 yen store craft


Simple and Quick DIY Cake Toppers – 100 Yen Store Craft


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