100 Yen Craft Calendar and Notebooks

Had a great morning yesterday with a friend making 100 yen craft Calendar and Notebooks. These are great little gifts that anyone can make! Your local 100 yen store presently have a wide selection of calendar and notebooks which can be dressed-up and transferred in creative masterpieces. All the decorative tapes, paper and other items are also available in all 100 yen stores.  Very simple, but a great thank you gift!

100 Yen Craft Calendar and Notebooks

100 Yen Craft 2015 Calendar and Note Books

Materials Needed
1. Basic 100 yen notebooks and/or calendar books
2. Selection of origami paper or wrapping paper, washi also works well
3. Colorful masking tapes
4.Glue and a paint brush to apply
5. Scissors or straight cutting knife
6. Any other decorative items, such as ribbon, glitter, etc.

100 Yen Craft 2015 Calendar and Notebooks
Work in progress

Steps to make a 100 Yen Craft Calendar and Notebooks

Step 1. Chose your colour palate and select paper, ribbon or other decorative items to apply

Step 2. Cut to the size of the notebook and glue or tape into place. Paper will set well if you apply glue with a paint brush.  Patterned masking tape is very easy to apply and stays firmly in place. Using Ribbon is a little more tricky, secure firmly, but looks great!

Step 3. There really are no guidelines, let your imagination go wild.

Project complete and ready to gift!


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100 Yen Craft Calendar and Notebooks

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