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Japanese winters are DRY which is really hard on hands big and small! Here are the Best Living Japan 10 Best Hand Creams for Winter in Japan recommendations.  We carry hand lotions scattered all over our house,  in all of our bags, strollers and car from November – March! Dropping temperatures create the perfect environment for one of winter’s greatest displeasures: dry skin. Be prepared for life in Japan

Even if you are diligent in wearing gloves, all the extra hand washing that we do at this time of the year to prevent the spread of germs and viruses results in stripping our hands of moisture. Heal and prevent the cracked, dry, flaky, itchy, and peeling skin of your hands with these best-selling hand creams and lotions.

If you have a baby or child in Japan, check out our recommend products to keep your baby and toddler warm and healthy in Japan this winter. 

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10 Best Hand Creams for Winter in Japan - Living in JapanYuskin A Family Medical Cream

Made in Japan, this classic cream contains Vitamin E and is a staple in Japanese households and works wonders on cracked skin. Yuskin has a slightly distinct medicated scent, but it clears away after a few minutes. This product is available in a pump container, tube, and jar. Available at Japanese Drug Stores and on Amazon Japan – about 550 yen.


Menturn Medical Cream

Another made in Japan cream that is highly rated is Menturn Medical Cream.  Its packaging is old-school, but as the saying goes: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The Japanese instructions on the  packaging are for the Menturm 1 Minute Massage: Simply rub in the product until the smell fades. Available at Japanese Drug Stores and on Amazon Japan – three set for about 2,300 yen.

*** Best Hand Creams for Winter in Japan ***

Atrix Hand Cream

When it comes to the selection of hand creams and lotions in Japan, Atrix is highly underrated. Its hand milk and creams are two of the best selling hand creams on Amazon right now. We love this hand cream and the handy container it comes in. Available at Japanese Drugstores and on Amazon Japan – 480  yen.

Locobase Repair Cream

Locobase (from Italy)  specializes in creams and lotions that target problem-prone areas of the body like the lips and heels. Its Repair Cream contains shea butter It is very thick and difficult to rub into the skin, but once applied this nearly-waterproof cream effectively retains moisture. Available on Amazon Japan – 1,700 yen

Kose Coen Rich Night Renew


If you can’t reapply hand creams and lotions throughout the day, try out this night repair hand cream by Kose. Coen Rich Night Renew has coenzyme 10, an anti-oxidant beneficial in protecting and rejuvenating skin. It’s the latest in the Japanese trend of  puchi pura items – products that give exceptional results despite the low price tag. Available on Amazon Japan – 790 yen.

Mama Butter Shea Hand Cream

Mama Butter is a Japanese line of skin care products for mothers and babies. Its hand cream is made with 20% shea butter  and contains no artificial fragrances, mineral oils, parabens or artificial colors. Can be used alone or paired with other Mama Butter products. Available on Amazon Japan – 600 yen.

Pax Naturon Hand Cream

Currently the number one bestselling hand cream on Amazon Japan, Pax Naturon Hand Cream is from the same company that produces the Pax Baby line of skin care products. This hand cream is free of colors and artificial fragrances and is made in Japan with only natural ingredients.  PA++ Available on Amazon – 880  yen

*** Best Hand Creams for Winter in Japan ***

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Intensive Repair Hand Cream

If there’s any product out there effective in combating extremely dry, cracked skin, this is it! Highly rated for over 40 years, Neutrogena Intense Repair Hand Cream is clinically proven to be effective in as little as one day of use. Available at Japanese Drugstores and on Amazon Japan – 550 yen.

*** Best Hand Creams for Winter in Japan ***

Nivea Cream

Nivea’s navy blue packaging is simple but certainly eye catching. And its rich cream has a pleasing scent that might just take you back to your childhood days. With Nivea, a little goes a long way. Stash  a tube in your purse or backpack so you’ll always be able to nourish your hands while on the go. Available at Japanese Drugstores and on Amazon Pantry – 200 yen

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

Indulge yourself like a Parisian with L’Occitane. While the French brand offers many fragrant varieties of hand creams, its best seller is its original hand cream with shea butter. It is a nourishing blend of 20 percent shea butter, honey, almond extract,  and coconut oil. Available on Amazon Japan – 1,500  yen.

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10 Best Hand Creams for Winter in Japan



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