10 Best Baby And Toddler Items For 100 Yen

10 Best Baby And Toddler Items For 100 Yen

When you have little ones, it’s strange how things just seem to disappear!  Sure, you can get baby and toddler goods online or at retailers like Akachan Honpo, but not to be overlooked is the 100 yen shop.

Japan’s 100 yen shops are a great place to stock up on doubles (or even triples!) of things that your child uses frequently. That way, you don’t have to worry about constantly checking if your diaper bag or car is stocked with all the necessities. 

And, if you’re visiting Japan, you will definitely be amazed at the wide and colorful selection of useful items for babies and toddlers— all priced at 100 yen!

The top 3 chains in Japan are Daiso, Seria, and Can Do. While their product lineup differs slightly, you’re be sure to find all ten items on your next visit. If your local 100 yen shop doesn`t carry an item on our list we`ve provided links to similar products on Amazon Japan.

***10 Best Baby And Toddler Items For 100 Yen***

Baby Food Scissors

Babies and toddlers love to get their hands on anything within reach. So, if you need to cut their food while at the table, opt for a pair of safe plastic scissors like these.

Also available on Amazon Japan —  940 yen

Baby Weaning Items

Image source: 1hana.jp

I’m having so much fun (well, sometimes) introducing my daughter to new foods. But, baby weaning is a messy job that needs the right tools! Get a few bibs and placemats along with utensils designed to fit in small hands.

Also available on Amazon Japan — 153 yen

***10 Best Baby And Toddler Items For 100 Yen***

Baby Wipes

As convenient as the Japanese combini, or convenience store is, they don’t typically stock baby wipes. If you’re out and need spares, grab a few packs from a 100 yen shop.

Add a bit of kawaii to your package of wipes with a reusable plastic lid.

Also available on Amazon Japan — 625 yen

***10 Best Baby And Toddler Items For 100 Yen***

Character Goods

When Tokyo Disney Resorts is in your backyard, how can you resist falling love with Mickey Mouse and his friends?

On my most recent trip to Seria, I picked up these Disney Tsum Tsum bento lunch box items for my daughter.

You can also find Hello Kitty and Thomas the Tank Engine items as well!

Also available on Amazon Japan — 1,980 yen

***10 Best Baby And Toddler Items For 100 Yen***

Snack Containers

This slim snack container is very durable. In addition to everyday wear, it’s survived several domestic and international trips!

It has two openings — one for larger items like animal biscuits and another for bite sized snacks like Tamago Boro.

Also available on Amazon Japan — 595 yen

Baby Proofing Items

If you haven’t baby-proofed your items before the arrival of your little one, you’ll definitely need to do it once they learn how to crawl!

You can find everything from table corner and outlet covers to refrigerator door and drawer locks.

***10 Best Baby And Toddler Items To Buy At A 100 Yen Shop***

Water Bottles

Be sure to keep your little ones hydrated, especially as temperatures are rising! These water bottles hold up to 270 mL of liquid and come with a strap.

Also available on Amazon Japan — 584 yen

Mini Trash Bags

Image source: @flumomomom/Twitter

Funny how tots can be so small yet they make a  mess whenever they go. And, in Japan, where public trash cans are rare, you might get stuck carrying around used tissues, food waste, diapers, or even soiled clothes.  Grab a package of these mini trash bags so you’ll be able to store rubbish in your bag or stroller. Note that these bags are typically found in the pet section.

Also available on Amazon Japan — about 1,000 yen

***10 Best Baby And Toddler Items For 100 Yen***

PET Bottle Straws

These straws are a unique item that instantly transform a standard PET bottle into a baby/toddler friendly drink holder. If you’re out on the town and forgot to bring your child’s bottle or sippy cup, these straws are a lifesaver!

Just head to your nearest vending machines or convenience store, grab a drink (I recommend barley tea/麦茶/むぎちゃ) and you won’t have to worry about spills or messes when keeping your little one hydrated. They don’t take up much space, either, so stash one in your diaper bag, stroller command center, or car command center.


Also available on Amazon Japan — 538 yen

***10 Best Baby And Toddler Items For 100 Yen***

Juice Box Holders

Image source: 1hana.jp

My sister-in-law once gave me one of these, and I threw it away, not knowing what it was. Silly me! This odd looking collapsible thing is actually a portable holder for juice boxes. I keep one in the car along with a stock of my daughter’s favorite drinks (and snacks).

Also available on Amazon Japan — 486 yen

10 Best Baby And Toddler Items For 100 Yen

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10 Best Baby And Toddler Items To Buy At A 100 Yen Shop


Written by: Teni Wada. American by birth, Japanese by choice, and traveler at heart. Tokyo-based content creator who enjoys browsing combini shelves for limited edition drinks and snacks. Discover her travel adventures and life as a first-time mom on her lifestyle blog babykaiju.com and Instagram @wadateni.



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