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Tokyo Area Fireworks 2016 – Must Do Summer Fun!

Tokyo area fireworks are a must experience. The sky of Tokyo area will be alive with fireworks once the rainy season passes in mid-July.  I believe one has not experienced Japan until you wear your yukata (cotton kimono) and geta (wooden sandals) to view hanabi (fireworks). It is great fun! Here are the best 10 Tokyo Area Fireworks. Mark your calendar now, and reserve your river boat or hotel room to get great views. It is also a great time to have a company party or home party if you are lucky to have a view. Note that most of the Tokyo area fireworks below will be canceled in case of rain. Check the websites listed below before attending.

2016 Top Tokyo Area Fireworks (in order of date). 

1. July 23rd, Saturday, The Adachi Fireworks

2. July 26th, Tuesday, Kastsushika Nouryo Fireworks

3. July 30th, Saturday –  Sumidagawa River Fireworks

4. July 30th Saturday – Hachioji Fireworks

5. August 2nd, Tuesday, Kanagawa Shimbun Fireworks

6. August 6th, Saturday – Edogawa Fireworks

7. August 20th, Saturday –  Jingu Gaien Fireworks

8. August 20th, Saturday – Tamagawa Fireworks

9. August 21st, Sunday – Chofu-Shi Fireworks


Details 2016 Top Tokyo Area Fireworks 

The Adachi Fireworks, Tokyo Area Fireworks1. The Adachi Fireworks (足立の花火)
July 23th, Saturday; 19:30 -20:30; approximately 12,000 fireworks
Website: http://adachikanko.net/ (Japanese)
Access:  15 min. from Kitasenju Station, JR Line and Tokyo Metro Lines

This year will be the 38th Adachi Fireworks although the first event was held in 1924. It is usually well attended since it is the first major fireworks festival of the summer. The fireworks are shot up from two locations along the Arakawa River. According to locals, the best place to view is on the Nishi-Arai side.



2.  Kastsushika Nouryo Fireworks (葛飾納涼花火大会)
July 26th, Tuesday; 19:20 – 20:30; approximately 13,000 fireworks
Website: http://www.city.katsushika.lg.jp/tourism/index.html (Japanese)
Tokyo Area FireworksAccess: 10 min walk from Shibamata Station on the Keisei Line, or 15 min walk from Shinshibamata Station on the Hokuso Line

The year will be the 49th Katsushika Nouryo Fireworks. The fireworks are shot off from the Katsushika Shibamata Baseball Field.  Leave for Shibamata around noon, have a nice lunch and enjoy wandering the quaint streets and riverside of Shibamata before the fireworks begin.


top_hanabi_img, Tokyo Area Fireworks3. Sumidagawa Fireworks (隅田川花火大会)
July 30th, Saturday; start 19:05-20:30; approximately 20,000 fireworks
Website: http://sumidagawa-hanabi.com/ (English language only)
Access: Asakusa station on the Tobu-Isezaki , Ginza or Asakusa lines, or Kuramae station on the Toei Oedo Line.

This year will be the 39th Sumidagawa Fireworks. If you only have the time and energy during the steamy summer to see one firework display, I recommend the Sumidagawa Fireworks. They are the oldest having started in 1732 and explosive in size and color. To get great seats book a dinner ride on a yakatabune (Japanese house-boat) for the evening or get a spot on the banks of the Sumida River around noon and take a long afternoon nap.

4. Hachioji Fireworks (八王子花火大会)
July 30th, Saturday; start 19:00-20:30; approximately 3,500 fireworks
Website: http://www.city.hachioji.tokyo.jp/kanko/event/027132.html (Japanese language only)
Access: 15 min walk from Nishi-Hachioji Station on the JR Chuo Line, or the Yamada Station on the Keiou-Takao Line

On the smaller side of firework shows, but fun for younger kids and the crowds not as crazy as other fireworks festivals. You can enjoy a variety of explosions and eat fun Japanese festival food. The show takes place at Hachioji Shimin Kyujo Baseball Park, Fujimori Park.

神奈川新聞花火大会-790x4805. Kanagawa Shimbun Fireworks Festival (神奈川新聞花火大会)
August 2nd, Tuesday; start 19:00-20:30; approximately 15,000 fireworks
Website: http://www.yokohamajapan.com/upcoming-events/the-31st-kanagawa-shimbun-fireworks-festival-2016/ (Japanese language only)
Access: 5 min walk from Sakuragicho Station on the JR Line, or Minato Mirai Station on the Minato Mirai Line

Yokohama Minato Mirai is a great place to visit for the history, views, eating and shopping. On August 4th couple all that with a great evening of fireworks. The Kanagawa Shimbun Fireworks are truly impressive above the Yokohama harbour and skyline. Make a day trip of it and visit the CupNoodles Musuem and have early dinner in Chinatown. You can watch from the pier area, one of the many area hotels or the bluffs.

title20156. Edogawa Fireworks (江戸川区花火大会)
August 6th, Saturday; start 19:15-20:30; approximately 14,000 fireworks
Website: http://www.city.edogawa.tokyo.jp/hanabi/index.html (Japanese language only)
Access: 12 min walk from Shinozaki station on the Toei Shinjuku Line

This year will be the 40th Edogawa Fireworks. 14,ooo fireworks are shot off from Shinozaki Park to the sound of Samba music. You can also view the fireworks from the Chiba side of the Edogawa.


Tokyo Area Fireworks7. Jingu Gaien Hanabi (神宮外苑花火大会)
August 20th, Saturday; start 19:30-20:30; approximately 10,000 fireworks
Website: http://www.jinguhanabi.com/; ticket on sale now http://t.pia.jp/hanabi/jingu/ (Japanese language only)
Access: 5-10 min walks from numerous stations; Sendagaya Station or Shinanomachi Station on JR Sobu Line; Omotesando Station, Gaienmae Station,  Aoyama 1-chome Station on various subway lines

The Jingu Gaien Fireworks is unique since you need to pay to enter the fireworks area. You can see from tall buildings surrounding the four spots that the events take place but if you want to see up close and personal you need to buy a ticket; starting price 2,500 yen to upwards of 40,000 yen. Ticket details here in Japanese. The show takes place in four areas around Jingu; Jingu Kyujo Ballpark,  Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, Chichibu-no-miya Rugby Field and the Softball Park. The good thing about having a ticket is that you will have a spot and not have to deal with the brutal crowds at other firework events this summer.


8. Tamagawa Fireworks Festival (たまがわ花火大会)
August 20th, Saturday; start 19:00-20:00; approximately 6,000 fireworks
Website: http://www.tamagawa-hanabi.com/ (Japanese language only)
Access: 5 min walk from the Futako-Tamagawa Station on the Tokyu-Denentoshi Line or the Tokyu Oimachi Line

This year will be the 37th Setagaya-Ku Tamagawa Fireworks Festival. The fireworks are lite off from the Futako-Tamagawa River Playground. The show is actually a battle between Tokyo on one side of the river and Kanagawa on the other side, both sides setting off fireworks the same evening. There is plenty of seating on the grass so bring a blanket and your picnic dinner and enjoy. You can sit either side of the river, but locals say the best view if from the Kanagawa side.  Recommended to get your spot by early afternoon. Futako-Tamagawa has lot os shopping so you can come for a 1/2-day visit, buy your food and drink and enjoy.


9. Chofu-Shi Fireworks Festival (調布市花火)
 Chofu-Shi Fireworks Festival (調布市花火)

August 21st, Sunday; start 18:30 – 17:30; approximately 9,000 fireworks
Website: http://hanabi.csa.gr.jp/ (Japanese language only)
Access: 10 min walk Chofu Station or the Keio-Tamagawa Station on the Keio Line

One of the last fireworks events of the summer, but packed full of sound and color. If you are returning to Tokyo late in August, this is a great firework display. Pack a picnic dinner and eat on the banks of the Tamagawa.

2016 Top Tokyo Area Fireworks



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