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Robot Park, Roppongi

robot parkSakurazaka Park (さくら坂公園) better known as Robot Park is located by the Sakura-zaka Residences next to the Roppongi Hills mega complex.  It’s a small park, but it’s well-designed with safety in mind. It`s filled with contoured plastic slides, robot-designed spring-riders, climbing stairs and a long rolling-pin slide to entertain the kids. There`s also a small, shaded seating area for parents and kids to lunch or have a snack. Most of the ground is covered with a giant rubberized mat. There`s plenty of room to run around and climb. Your kids will love it. Parents will love the close vicinity to shopping, dining, sights and events at the Roppongi Hills mega complex.

Robot Park, Roppongi Hills Details

Robot Park Spring RiderAddress: 6-16-46 Roppongi, Minato-ku (港区六本木六丁目16番46号) Google Map
Phone: 03-5114-8803
Access: Roppongi
Directions: From Roppongi Hills walk towards Keyakizaka Dori, pass the Keyakizaka Bakery and the small, elevated man-made pond filled with Koi Fish. Cross the walkway towards your left, Robot Park is on your right.

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Robot Park, Roppongi Hills




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