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Preparing for Winter – Top 10 Japan Essentials

Preparing for Winter - Top 10 Japan Essentials Best Living JapanWinter is just around the corner. Wanted to share my curated recommendations on preparing for winter – 10 Items to make living in Japan more comfortable. Below are products that have excellent customer reviews in Amazon.co.jp, and are shipped for free immediately from Amazon.  If you have your recommendations, please add below in the comments section.

Preparing for Winter – Top 10 Japan Essentials

Preparing for Winter - Top 10 Japan Essentials1.  Mini Hot Patches – 30 for about ¥600 – These are great if you or your kids are outside a lot in the winter. Individually wrapped you just peel, and they heat up!  These heat patches fit nicely in mittens, in the bottom of boots or into pockets to keep your hands warm.  We keep a box right in our entrance way so the kids can grab as they head out! Portable warmth!

Preparing for Winter - Top 10 Japan Essentials2.  Apix Aroma Humidifier – White about ¥ 3,000 – Japanese apartments and houses tend to be very dry in the winter, especially when you have central heating. We have a humidifier in each bedroom and living area.  This new Apix is a great design, and also can be used with Aroma oils. This humidifier is perfect for the average size bedroom. Easy to use, diffuses well and cute to boot. Available in four colors; white, pink, mint green and tan.

Preparing for Winter - Top 10 Japan Essentials3.  Electric Blanket 140×80cm  – ¥ 2,200 – If you want to keep your electrical bill down, but want to stay warm invest in some electric blankets. This one is perfect for a twin bed. There is also a larger size 188×130cm for ¥ 3,260. These blankets can be used under or over the body in bed. These blankets are 70% polyester/30% acrylic and made in Japan.


Preparing for Winter - Top 10 Japan Essentials4.  Smart Phone Gloves EVOLG MARSH Deep Blue & White – ¥1,500 – 2,500  Keep your hands warm while checking your smart phone. These Evolg gloves are excellent quality and will never let you down in mid-text. They are one size and made from a combination material  (Acrylic,Nylon,Polyester,Wool,Rayon,Polyurethane).  Also available in many other colours and styles on Amazon.co.jp.

Preparing for Winter - Top 10 Japan Essentials5. Heated Carpet 176 X 176cm – ¥ 4,980 –  If you have small ones who play on the floor keep them warm with a heated carpet. This 100% polyester electric carpet is easy to wash away spills and will keep little toes toasty.  Just the right size in front of the sofa or in the play area. Light weight (3Kg) so it easy for one person to move and store it when not needed.

Preparing for Winter - Top 10 Japan Essentials6. Humidifier and Air Cleaner – ¥ 17,980If you have a larger room (up to 24 tatami) this is a great humidifier and air cleaner. Great for adding moisture, but also removing smells. Comes with a HEPA filter. The size is quite compact at 36×56×23cm, and only 8.3kg.

Preparing for Winter - Top 10 Japan Essentials7.  Tissue Paper with Water lotion infused (five pack) –¥ 495 –  Never be short of tissue paper. This is not the normal type of paper which is harsh on runny noses it has special water lotion what makes it really soft. It is not wet tissue but instead infused with water like lotion which is dry to the touch but ultra soft.  No more lugging paper home!

Preparing for Winter - Top 10 Japan Essentials8. White Duck Down Comforter (Single long size 150 x 210 cm) – ¥ 19,800  – This comforter is absolutely WONDERFUL. It is so warm, fluffy and comfortable…it actually feels like a big hug. Great value for the high quality of down.  Available in five sizes; king, queen, single long, double long, semi-double.

Preparing for Winter - Top 10 Japan Essentials9.  Hand Lotion from Pax Naturon 70g – about ¥ 700 – One of the most items to have ready is a tube of super hand cream. This is the highest rated and ranked cream on Amazon.co.jp due to it’s no smell and non-chemical ingredients (olive oil base). This high-quality lotion is made in Japan. Perfect size to slip into your bag. Never suffer from dry hands in the coming season. Many other lotions also available.

10. Kotatsu is a heated table, and a staple piece of furniture in most Japanese houses. Sit cozy, eating mikans this winter!



Preparing for Winter – Top 10 Japan Essentials


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