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Nakameguro Area Playrooms

meguro citizens center playroom2014 update: I lived in Nakameguro for a couple years and since my husband was frequently away on business my infant son and I explored all that Nakameguro had to offer – especially the playrooms. These playrooms are in government buildings and are funded by your taxes so you should take advantage of them. They are all free, all you have to do is register. Every playroom is different, but all have some toys and play equipment, and even some classes.

They are great places to meet-up with a fellow parent for a playdate, or go alone with baby and make some new neighborhood friends.

Here is a full list of Nakameguro area playrooms to take your baby or toddlers to on those hot or rainy days. Enjoy!

Nakameguro Area Playrooms

Nakameguro Area Playrooms (Jidoukans)

Meguro Ward Office Playroom (located on the 2nd floor of the Meguro Ward Office in Nakameguro)

nakameguro jidoukanKarasumori Jidoukan

Meguro Citizens Center Jidoukan

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Nakameguro Area Playrooms


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