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Lost and Found Tokyo

With so many kids, I have become a student of Lost and Found Tokyo. One of the best things about Japan is that you do not need to despair if you lose or forget something on a train or a cab. In Japan, there is a very high probability you will get your item back! I have lost wallets, numerous backpacks, phones and various sports items over the past 15+ years, and all have been found! This info is good to know, so do not lose or forget it! Best of Luck

Lost and Found TokyoLost and Found Tokyo www.bestlivingjapan.com

Here is a handy list of Lost and Found in Tokyo numbers (airports, stations, taxis, and trains)  However, please see below for more details.

  • JR East Lost & Found Telephone Inquiry Center
  • JR Ueno Station Lost & Found
  • JR Tokyo Station Lost & Found (JR East)
  • JR Tokyo Station Lost & Found (JR Tokai)
  • Tokyo Metro Lost & Found Center
  • Toei Transportation Information Lost & Found
  • Tokyo Taxi Center
  • Haneda Airport
  • Narita International Airport
    <Before embarkation procedure after disembarkation procedure>
Terminal 1:0476-32-2105
Terminal 2:0476-34-5220


What do you do if you lost something on a subway?Lost and Found Tokyo www.bestlivingjapan.com

If you realize your lose immediately and are still in the station then go talk to the train station manager and explain what you lost, which train and if possible which carriage. They will contact stations further up the line to search.

If later the same day you lost your belonging then contact the station you got off at – go in-person if you do not speak Japanese well. If it is the day after your lose then you need to contact or go directly to the Tokyo Metro Lost & Found Center in Ueno Station. Lost property is kept at Ueno Lost & Found Center for 3-4 days. You need to show your ID (Japanese driver’s license, passport, insurance card, student ID card, etc.) when claiming your belongings. When claiming for someone else, you need a letter of proxy. Telephone of Ueno Station Lost and Found 03-3834-5577, open 9:00-20:00 (365 days a year), located across from the pass office in Ueno Station (Hibiya Line) Ueno Station Map (Japanese Only).

If more than 4 days have passed since you lost your item than it has probably been moved to the Metropolitan Police Lost & Found Center located near Iidabashi Station. (Nanboku line, Iidabashi station, exit C2)

What to do if you have lost something on the Japan Rail (JR)?  – Similar to the subway lines, once JR staff find lost properties, the items normally will be stored at the last stop on the lines which road at the lost property counter or お忘れ物承り場所 (owasuremono uketamawaribasho) for around 1 week (this varies from JR region to region, generally trains that stop at Tokyo send lost property to the Tokyo lost and found). After this, belongings are transferred to the regional Police Lost & Found Centre.
Branch Location Language Phone  Open Times
JR East infoLine Tokyo English, Chinese & Korean 050-2016-1603  10:00-18:00 (Excludes   year-end & new year holidays)
JR East lost and Found Tokyo Japanese 050-2016-1601  06:00-24:00 (Open all year)
JR West lost and Found Osaka Japanese 0570-00-2486 or 078-382-8686  06:00-23:00 (Open all year)
JR Central lost and Found Nagoya Japanese 050-3772-3910  06:00-24:00 (Open all year)

Before telephoning or visiting, make sure you know:

  • The date you lost your property
  • The train you took when you lost your property
  • Train number eg. Kodama653
  • Departure and arrival station
  • Boarding/Arrival time
  • Train car number and seat number
  • Detailed description of your property
  • Item name
  • Brand, colour etc.

Lost and Found TokyoWhat to do if you lost your wallet, passport, alien registration card or drivers license?  – Report to the police station and not to a local police box. They will issue a “Ishitsubutsu todoke juri shomeisho” certificate that you have reported the loss to the police. It is usually necessary to have this certificate to apply for a new passport, alien registration or drivers license to do it immediately – even if you are hopeful you many get your item back!

Useful words when visiting the Police station – Lost and Found in Tokyo
Police station = keisatsu-sho けいさつしょ 警察署
Police box = koban こうばん 交番
Certificate that you have reported to the police = ishitsubutsu todoke juri shomeisho いしつぶつとどけじゅりしょうめいしょ 遺失物届受理証明書
“I have lost my XXXX” = “XXXX wo nakushimashita”「XXXXを、なくしました。」
“My XXXX was stolen” = “XXXX wo nusumaremashita”「XXXXを、ぬすまれました。」
“Please give me a certificate” = “ishitsubutsu todoke juri shomeisho wo kudasai” 「遺失物届受理証明書をください。」

What to do if you lost your credit card in Japan?  – If you have a Japan based Lost and Found Tokyocredit card you call the following number and have your card frozen. If your card is from abroad, the operator will give a special number to call for information since foreign credit cards can not be frozen by phoning the usual credit cards help numbers.

Visa Card 00531-11-1555 (toll-free)
Master Card 0053-11-3886 (toll-free)
American Express 0120-020-120 (toll-free)

What to do if you lost your mobile phone? – If you lost your Mobile phone, you can temporary suspend your service and then reactivate your phone when you have found it.

NTT docomo Call 0120-524-360(24hours), but unfortunately only Japanese speaking service so the best thing may be to go to a nearby docomo shop.
au Call 007-77-111 (9am-8pm), there will be a recording in Japanese. Just press “0” and when you get the operator, ask for an English speaking person. You can also activate a remote lock for “osaifu-keitai” through the phone.
SoftBank You can call 157 from an other Softbank phone or 0088-21-2000 from a regular phone and press “8” for English guidance. You can also go to a nearby Softbank shop.
If you have a “osaifu keitai” you can activate the remote lock at a nearby Softbank shop.

Good luck finding your important item! Lost and Found in Tokyo


Lost and Found Tokyo


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  1. Hello, to anyone who may be able help with this one….many years ago in 2000 or 2001, while I was traveling around New Zealand, I found a memory card from a camera.
    It was loaded with photos of the people (maybe a middle aged couple) who were traveling around New Zealand also, the people looked as though they were Japanese.
    The memory card was found in the middle of the North Island, on a road.
    I’d like to be able to return these photos to the owners if the can be found!
    Does anyone know how I may be able to get the message out there?

  2. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I had a trip to Tokyo 3 years ago (for 6 Days, the exact date of my trip was 13 Feb.to 19 Feb. 2012). Unfortunately, during my stay I have lost about 1200 $USD (probably 17 or 18 Feb.).
    On that time I did not know that Tokyo had Lost and Found Center and I wasn’t familiar with services that it is offering. Therefore, I did not Follow-up about my money.
    So, I am wiring to know if there is still a chance to find my money or not.
    I am more than happy to prepare any needed document (such as my passport which proves my trip to Tokyo on that time).
    Thanks in advance,

  3. Edelmann Claudia

    my 16 year old son was travelling today from Kyoto to Osaka ( by train) he left his bag Back with Passport and Handy and Camera. It was a bag Back from the 23rd world scout Jamboree. His Group its on there way back, he is still in Osaka waiting for new papers then he can fly home as well. But all his memories – pictures of the last 4 weeks – will stay in Japan. Please help us to get back the passport and the rest. 4 great weeks souldn’t end with desaster. He is not connected with me in case of no Phone. Only one of the leader send me message that he is save, and they have already been to Police. But please a black Bag Back with the sign of the 23rd youth Jamboree is his. THANKS

    • Hi Claudia, I am so sorry I am just seeing this message now. Sandra and I were both on holiday. Was you son able to find his bag?

  4. Hi,
    we lost a camera sony coolpix with a small brown bag in Shibuya (Tokyo) on the 7th October. It contains pics of 4 adults and a baby. 3 men and 1 woman. In most of pictures you can read the name of the baby on the dummy “Elven”. I cannot contact the L&F office by phone since I am not in Japan anymore. Is there a chance you can help me out?

  5. JR rail found the cardigan I left on Narita Express as I left he country last Thursday but they don’t ship overseas. do you know of any service that would arrange pick up and ship it to me for a fee?

  6. I lost my Samsung Cell phone inside the taxi from Shinjuku East to Okubo Hotel : Tokyo inn House. The taxi driver left us in the main street, and asked us to come the small street. I paid Yen730, and he didn’t give me a receipt.

    The date is April 23, 2016 around 9pm. I asked hotel staff to help, no one help, so I took a taxi to the nearby police station. Stayed 2 hours and got a report loss sheet.

    My Japanese friend told me I will get my cell phone back as Japanese taxi driver is honest and helpful.
    The hotel staff helped me to call police station and the taxi company. But still not found.

    My Samsung Galaxy Express 2 is useful for me in last 4 to 5 years. More than 200 phone lists. I can retrieve the contact lists etc even I applied for a new SIM card. In present, without a cell phone, life is poorer.

    Please let me know how I get my old Samsung back. Really Thanks.

    • Krystyna, I agree with your friend it will probably find its way back to you. You have completed the police report which is the most important step. Based on my personal history it will take a few days, especially since it is a weekend. If it is turned in which I was told once over 90% are that you will find mid-week once all the lost items form the weekend cycle through. Lauren

      • Hi Lauen,
        May I know any other sources I can get my losing phone ? few weeks is over, no news from the taxi company and Shinjuku Police.

        Feeling very depressed.


    • Hi Emma, Sorry you lost your phone. I would not give up yet. Here is a link the the Tokyo metro police online lost item inquiry form. Give it a try and see what happens. http://www.tokyometro.jp/lang_en/support/lost/index.html

  7. Can I know any route I can ask for my losing cell phone ? one month is over, no news.

  8. Help ! Highly depressed me. Can you tell which sources I can find my lost cell phone ?? Is it located in every station for “lost and found” ? How Can I call up the main police station for Shinjuku ?

    • Hi Krystyna, You need to go to any police station and submit a report for a lost item. This will then be put into the shared police lost item database. I do not think you can call you must go in person. Lauren

      • I’m in Hong KOng. Can’t go to Tokyo again.

        • Hi Krystyna, Maybe visit the Japanese consult in Hong Kong and see if they can help you? Sorry, usually people visit the police station to file a report before they leave. I am sorry I can not be of more help. Lauren


    Hi! Thanks for the option you provide me to publish. I lost my eye-glasses last Saturday July 9, 2016 between Tsukiji Fish Market and Tsukiji Station. I already went to the station, but I didn’t found them. Thanks!!!

    • Hi Jaime, The best you can do is file a lost item report (ideally with photo) to have it entered into the official lost and found tracking system. Don’t give up hope yet. Lauren

  10. Hello my son attended a Baseball Game on 2016/7/12 and lost his IPOD. Unfortunately, he did not realise it was missing until he and his school trip had returned to the Hotel. As they were moving onto another are of Japan the following day, there was no time to show up at a Police Station or back at the Stadium to try to find it.
    Is there any chance that it has been handed in and he could get it sent back to him, please? It has all of his photos from his Japan trip and his stay with his host family.

    • Hi Mandy, Which game and where? I can try to help you but need more details. Lauren

      • It was an Orix Buffaloes Game which was held on the 12th July. I cannot read the ticket as it is mostly in Japanese. Is there a way that I can attache a copy of the ticket for you to look at, please?

  11. Hoping that this is also same in Nagoya. I lost my passport 5 days ago and still update news about it. 🙁

    • Hi Hopeful, Your passport will probably come back! Passports are usually send directly to the country’s embassy or consulate. Call them first thing Monday a.m. they will probably have it! Lauren

      • I already tried every possible way of finding my pouch that I dropped in a taxi (which I forgot to ask receipt). It contains my passport and some cash. A week has passed and no update yet. I’m losing hope, I’m losing faith in humanity as well. 🙁 I’m afraid I’ll never visit this place again. :'(

        • Did you file a police report? if yes with which police department? Also check with your countries embassy or consulate in Tokyo for the passport.

  12. Hi
    I got out of a taxi outside APA Hotel Shibuya-Dogenzaka-Ue, Tokyo at approximately 12.30 am January 2. I left in the taxi a set of Rayban reading glasses (blue titanium frames) inside a black Rayban glasses case. Also inside was a small flash drive. In addition was my Samsung S7 phone – silver colour with a black protective case (no front). Can someoe assist in tracing this? I can supply photos if needed,

    • Hi Terry, Seems you had some serious bad luck losing items in Japan. You need to file a police report in Tokyo on the items you left in the cab. Would help if you have a recipe of the cab you rode. Did you file a police report and leave your contact email and phone numbers. Once the item is found they can send to you with proof of ID. Lauren

  13. Hi
    I was in Narita Airport Terminal 2 on January 2 between 4 and 6.30pm on the departure side of customs and immigration where i left my Nikon D3200 SLR digital camera – Red in colour with an 18-55mm lens and red shoulder strap. It was inside a small camera case grey in colour with sholuder strap as well.
    I can supply photo if required.

  14. Hi,
    I have lost my passport , resident card, mother child book, hospital documents for my new born bay , My number and some other valuable document in a plastic case in bus at Funabori eki-mae station 7 days before.
    Till now i have not got any information.
    Request you to help me in finding these valuable documents.

    • Prashant, You need to go to your local police office and file a report. I am sure those documents will be found and returned to you!

      • Dear Lauren,
        I have visited kasai police center and filed a report on the same day 5th of jan 2017. But till now it has not been found and i am calling and asking daily atleast twice.

        I know the bus route no , bus no and timing also. Can police see the bus CCTV recording and help me locating the person who has picked up my plastic case. As this case was having money also. But the most important thing that it was having all the original document of hospital which has been issued by hospital for my baby delivery along with all original documents for me and my family -like my number, resident card, passport , cash card etc was also inside the case.
        Can you help me finding these?

        • Hi Prashant, You seem to have done everything you can. I have never heard of something so personal not being return even if they take the money usually the paperwork stays in place. I am sorry I do not know what else you can do but wait at this point. Praying for your items to be returned soon! Lauren

  15. Hi! I lost my samsung phone in the rest room of Webpage in Odaiba where they were doing the Toyota car show. We’ve done all necessary internal lost and found work. Is there anything else we can do? We’re only on vacation and tons of our photos are on that phone. Is there anything else that we need to do? We really hope it gets returned. Thank you very much.

  16. Hello – i lost a brown leather Barbour wallet on Saturday night. I contained my HSBC bank cards and Irish driving licence.

  17. Aubrey Jackson-Blake

    Hi, I left a book, sketchbook and pencil case on a highway bus from Tokyo station to kawaguchiko, i bought tickets at the jr bus station but don’t know if it was a jr bus as it said fujiQ on the side. I’m not really sure who to call as these numbers seem to be for the rail? Do you have an idea of who I should try? Thank you so much if you can help.

  18. Daniel natanael

    Hello. Im daniel natanael. I left my backpack at narita express. I was at narita express 44. Car 2. Seat 14-c. Im confused how to get it since i never travel to japan before. Could you help me?

  19. Hi,
    I was traveling in japan from 11th march to 22nd march, while trvelling in Kobe i found a wedding ring at the hill top where from you can see the city,Its a silver ring on 20th march i found it at afternoon time.

    • Hi Amit, I think you should give it to the police instead of noting here. I am sure the owner has contact the police and submitted a lost and found report. Thanks Lauren

  20. Hi, am hoping you can help. Yesterday evening between 6.15 and 6.30pm we left a bag that contained a vase at ueno station in front of Anderson bakery in ueno station. Unfortunately we didn’t realise until we were on the kesei skyline back to narita airport. We have just returned to Dubai this morning, I have completed a form on the website http://www.jhelp.com but as I don’t speak Japanese am not sure the ueno station lost and found would understand my explanation. Is there anything else I can do.

    Many thanks

  21. Hello – Is there a US speaking contact information to call for the JR Ueno Station lockers? My son lost his receipt and could not retrieve his bag from the locker before going to the airport. I tried to call the number he gave but they are only speaking Japanese and hang up on me. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Marcia,
      Try the JR EAST English Infoline +81 (50) 2016-1603. They are available from 10:00 to 18:00 daily except during the year-end / new year holidays. Good luck!

  22. Hi Lauren, I hope you can help me. This is my first time in Japan with my wife and we’ve been really enjoyed it. However today when I was on a Chuo Express train from Shinjuku to Tokyo, I forgot my backpack which I left on the top rack of the seat. When I got out at Tokyo station and found out that I forgot the backpack so I went to the office and asked for help, but they were not able to help, maybe because there are so many train and they kept running non stop. So we hope that after the last train, the staff will do the cleaning and send back to the Lost and found office. My bag is very important to me because it has my passport, JRPass and a camera which stored all the photos.
    In this case can you advise who should I contact to follow up?
    – Tokyo station lost and found office?
    – Chiba station which is the final stop of Chuo line?
    – Closest police office which is in Marunouchi?

    Thank you for your help and all the best to you.


    • Hi Kyle, you should report to the police asap. Also reportnto thentrain line you were on. They will enter the information into their data base and see What has been found.

      • Hi Lauren,
        We asked our hotel receptionist to call the hot line in Japanese the next morning and they managed to track it down. It was found at Toyoda Station (the last station of Chuo line). We came there and pick up our bag without any problem. The bag has everything in it. I was really happy and appreciate the help of the officers, and most of all the Japanese people. They are so kind and honest. After this my message to everyone who will accidentally be in the same situation: don’t lose hope, especially when you are in Japan.

        Thanks for your reply and all the best.



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