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Kogai Park, Hiroo

Kogai Park SlideKogai Park is a fun place to take your active kids. It`s a great place to have your kids gain strength, balance & coordination. Kids love it because it has a zip line and some really great climbing equipment. It is very busy after school due to its location next to Kogai Elementary School and many nursery schools in the area. English is common on the playground due to the large foreign population in the area. There is also a very nice shaded area to sit and enjoy a quick lunch during the hot summer.  It is about a 5- 8 min walk from Hiroo station in the direction of Nishi Azabu crossing.

Stop into one of our favorite bakeries in the area, City Bakery, for a light lunch or take out and picnic at the park.

Kogai Park Swings

Kogai Park, Hiroo

Kogai Park Rope SlideAddress: 3-12-1 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo (東京都港区西麻布3-12-1)
Access: A 7 min walk from Hiroo Station Exit 3


  • Climbing, balancing
  • Zip line
  • Hanging equipment
  • Slide
  • Sandbox
  • Spring Riders
  • Mini Slide for little ones
  • 4 swings
  • Benches and toilet

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Kogai Park Spring riders and sandpitKogai Park Balancing EquipmentKogai Park Benches

Kougai Park Sign



Kogai Park, Hiroo

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