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Japan Summer Camps 2016

Japan Summer Camps 2016

Updated list coming soon for  2017.


Japan Summer Camps 2016

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  1. I have 19 old daughter.I need to have the summer program 1-2 weeks in Japan for her learning language,life skill,culture.
    Is there a such program here (with English as delivery language).?

    • Hi Suyyani, I am sorry I do not know of a short-term program just for the summer for teens. Lauren

  2. Eliane Almeida


    I am new in Tokyo (just 3 month). I NEED to find sport activities and summer camps in English for my boys(14 and 15 years old).

    Please help me.

  3. Great list! Any Japanese Immersion options for elementary school aged children?


    • Hi Megumi, here are many Japanese camp program offered in August of each month since the Japanese summer vacation is usually July 21 – Sept 7th.
      I will try to add a list of good Japanese camps programs open to non or lower level Japanese speaking children next Spring for the summer of 2017. Lauren

  4. I have a grade1 child in singapore and I’m looking for a full Japanese or half Japanese/English camp for her . Preferably not in full English . She’s in the American school now but I wanted her to learn more Japanese . Do u hv anything for her ?

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