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ueno asakusa akihabara shop

Hanamasa Wholesale Supermarkets – Niku no Hanamasa (肉のハナサ)

Hanamasa Wholesale Supermarkets

If you have a big family or big eaters, and live in central Tokyo one of your go to supermarket shopping locations should be Hanamasa Wholesale Supermarkets (Niku no Hanamasa (肉のハナサ). Hanamasa is a wholesale supermarket whose roots began as a supplier to restaurants, but is now open to the public …

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Kappabashi Kitchen Town, Taito-ku – A Cook’s Shopping Paradise

Kappabashi Kitchen Town, Best Living Japan

Kappabashi Kitchen Town, Tokyo is a cook’s shopping paradise. There are over 180 cooking, kitchen and restaurant supply stores extended over six blocks. Here every the kitchen sink is for sale – every pot and pan, serving dish, utensil, kitchen appliance that a cook can imagine. Kappabashi is located between Ueno …

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Ameshin, Oshiage – Astoundingly Realistic Hand-made Candy Animals

Looking for a unique gift to give to friends and family? Visit Ameshin – a candy shop which sells astoundingly realistic hand-made candy animals. Japanese confectioner Shinri Tezuka, owner of the candy shop Ameshin, uses a 1300-year old traditional art called Amezaiku, a method using bare hands and scissors to shape and sculpt …

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Maach Ecute, Akihabara – From Train to Boutique Station

Akihabara is no longer just for electronics shopping. About 500M away from Akihabara station a renovated train station with cool new food and boutique, Maach Ecute, has found it’s home. Maach Ecute The train station integrity was maintained so you know you are in an old train station due to the …

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2K540 Aki-Oka – Japanese Artisan Stores, Akihabara

Okachi-machi is known by most as the wholesale area for clothing and food, however, there is a hidden jewel of 2K540 Aki-Oka.  2K540 Aki-Oka Japanese artisan stores and studios are under the elevated train tracks if you walk along the line towards Akihabara. In December 2010 over 25 Japanese artisans …

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Decorations That Last Forever, Asakusa

Need decorations that last forever for Halloween, Christmas, Valentines?  Artificial holiday decorations are in abundance year round at Asakusabashi (Kuramae station on the Oedo line). There is a handful of stores on the same corner that sell an amazing selection of fake flowers and holiday decorations. If you are planning …

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