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Luke’s Lobster Japan, Hiroo New Opening – Also in Omotesando, Shibuya & 3 Other Locations

Luke's Lobster Japan

I am a New Englander and grew up on lobster, so I am thrilled that Luke’s Lobster is expanding in Japan. They have just opened their sixth Japan store in Hiroo. If you are still waiting in the HUGE line in Omotesando, come on down to Hiroo, especially M-F when it …

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Pizza Slice, Shibuya – NY Style Pizza sold by the Slice

Pizza Slice (ピザ スライス) serves two rarities in Tokyo – authentic New York Style Pizza, and pizza sold by the slice. Located on the cozy backstreets of Sarugakuchou, and Omotesando, this lofty, white tiled venue furnished with long wood open style tables, and smaller tables for more private seating, serves a …

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