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Hanamasa Wholesale Supermarkets – Niku no Hanamasa (肉のハナサ)

Hanamasa Wholesale Supermarkets

If you have a big family or big eaters, and live in central Tokyo one of your go to supermarket shopping locations should be Hanamasa Wholesale Supermarkets (Niku no Hanamasa (肉のハナサ). Hanamasa is a wholesale supermarket whose roots began as a supplier to restaurants, but is now open to the public …

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Picard Frozen Food Grocery Store (Aoyama, Azabu-Juban & Nakameguro) – French Convenience Food

Busy Tokyo families rejoice! Picard Frozen Food Grocery has arrived in Japan, just in time for the holidays. Now open in Nakameguro, Aoyama, and Azabu-Juban & online

French food to me is synonymous to fresh ingredients and meticulous preparation, so the Picard Frozen Food Grocery Store openings around Tokyo were a bit of a surprise. Everything in the stores is frozen! If you are a busy family, the Picard store is a dream come true. We bought …

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Sakana Bacca, Nakameguro – Fresh Seafood Store

Sakana Bacca Nakameguro

Sakana Bacca (サカナ バッカ) is a retailer that deals with seafood delivered directly from fishermen and the Tsukiji fish market. The Nakameguro branch sells a wide variety of fresh seasonal fish that you can`t find at your local supermarket, sashimi, seasonings and cooking utensils from all over Japan. They even have tuna-cutting …

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Favorite Organic Food Stores

When I need organic vegetables right away and can`t wait a week for the next delivery (or the next Farmer`s Market) I head to the closest organic shops in Tokyo. Here are my favorite with online options: 1) Precce & Tokyu Stores have a small organic section. Just look for …

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Buying Organic Foods Online in Japan

Buying Organic Foods Online in Japan by Lee Yen Anderson & Maddy Pannell We have found that when trying to buy great, organic and high quality produce in Japan, using the internet as a resource helps provide a much larger array of great products then just relying on the various organic stores …

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Buying Organic in Japan

Buying Organic in Japan by Maddy Pannell & Lee Yen Anderson We all strive to put food on the table that will nourish our families to keep them happy and healthy. Eating organic foods, where possible, is a great way to do this; ensuring quality nutrition, while avoiding pesticides and genetically modified …

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Tokyo Supermarket Grocery Delivery

I love online grocery delivery in Japan — it`s fast and convenient, but sometimes I`m not too happy with the delivery; the lack of crispness in my greens, my fruits being too ripe, and the very short expiration date on my dairy products–okay, so I`m a little picky when it comes …

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Hawaii Water Tokyo

After the March 11th earthquake and tsunami destroyed the Fukushima Nuclear plant, many mothers were concerned over the safety of giving tap water to their babies and children. As an alternative, some mothers purchased bottled water from Hawaii. It`s 100% natural, pure enough to be given to infants and babies, and …

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After the March 11th earthquake, I was concerned with where food was being sourced, especially since most grocery stores were carrying produce and meat from Fukushima. My Japanese friend recommended Oisix, a Natural & Organic online grocer in Japan offering robust radiation testing on food from affected areas. I especially liked the “baby …

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