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Inflammation and Hives from Kemushi (Caterpillars)

kemushi caterpillar

May and June mark the season for Kemushi (Caterpillars). Take care to avoid these “hairy” caterpillars as they have developed hairs or sharp spines that are capable of transmitting various toxins causing inflammation and hives on the skin. In most cases direct contact with the insect is necessary to provoke a reaction. However, the irritating …

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Preparing for Winter – Top 10 Japan Essentials

Tokyo Ice Skating Rinks Winter 2016 - 2017

Winter is just around the corner. Wanted to share my curated recommendations on preparing for winter – 10 Items to make living in Japan more comfortable. Below are products that have excellent customer reviews in Amazon.co.jp, and are shipped for free immediately from Amazon.  If you have your recommendations, please …

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Careco Carshare – Car Rental by the Hour


Careco car share makes renting a car easy. Careco, along with ORIX and Times Plus have locations throughout Japan and many in Tokyo. Unlike ORIX, Careco allows you to use the car for up to 6 hours without a distance charge, and customers can use their mobile phone to unlock the vehicle instead of …

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Minato-ku Recycled Bike Lottery, Tokyo

The monthly Minato-ku recycled bike lottery is tomorrow – Sunday, July 10th. If you are in the market for a bicycle for you or someone in the family, I recommend you attend the Recycled Bike Lottery in Minato-Ku, Tokyo. The Lottery is held the second Sunday of each month at …

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