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Japan Silhouette – DIY Craft

If you needed some wall art, that is fun, bold and inexpensive try this Japan Silhouette – DIY craft. Also a great project to learn or remember you Japan geography. Did you know Japan has 6,852 islands, but only 430 are inhabited. Don’t worry you do not need to paint …

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DIY Factory, Futako-Tamagawa – Learn, Make, Rent, Buy

DIY Factory BestLivingJapan

If you love DIY and you want to get you or your hands dirty, then you have to visit the creative shop called DIY Factory in Futako-Tamagawa. This store is fascinating they sell DIY products, have DIY workshops, and offer workshop space and tool rental.  As a true blood DIYer, …

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100 Yen Craft 2015 Calendar and Notebooks

100 yen craft 2015 calendar and notebooks

Hi Curious and Creative, Had a great morning yesterday with a friend making 100 yen craft 2015 Calendar and Notebooks. These are great little gifts that anyone can make! Your local 100 yen store presently have a wide selection of 2015 calendar and notebooks which can be dressed-up and transferred in …

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Mikan Wreath – 100 Yen Store Craft

00 yen store craft- mikan wreath Best Living Japan

With four kids and a dog I have a lot of people to thank this year. I think this 100 yen store craft – mikan wreath –  is a healthy alternative to cookies and candies. Love the colours, and the fact that the mikans (clementines or tangerines) are in season now …

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